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Life and love

A mysterious person told me that I am going to outlive my future husband. That is when I need to take care of our children alone. It seems scary to imagine someone you love and depend on cannot be there with you forever.

He also told me that he has seen heaven and it is a very beautiful place. There are mountains and lake. Birds chirping happily. The people who live there never feel hungry. Neither they know what is sadness or anger or any other negative feelings. They dive into the water and can breathe without any help. And when it is time for you to go to heaven, your loved one will be there waiting for you. You may also wait for your love one there and time does not matter in heaven. So, it does not matter how long you wait.

Do you believe in heaven? Do you believe in knowing when you will die or how long you can live? Do you believe someone can know your future better than you? Fortune-telling?

Do you believe there maybe times you are not supposed to live, but somehow you do because…