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Taking a step back to move forward

This beautiful castle seems like a dream to me

First find a dream, then find a plan to achieve the dream. And then, just go all out to execute the plan and persist. One day, the reward will come...........

Two weeks ago, I decided to quit my job to make a swift turn in my career. Yesterday, I was at the junction, deciding which path I wanted to take next. The pressure was overwhelming. After all, this is going to be a great turning point for my career track of 8 years. These days will have impact on my whole career life and even my life, so to speak.

So, I finally decided. Despite being so blurry today until I was dozing off several times during work due to only 3-hours sleep last night, the decision was not hard to make. In fact, I know the answer has been there all the while in my heart. And one great Director from a great company said in my recent interview, I need to "follow my heart". And that's important.

There are few things that this new job is actually a few steps…

Underwater world

If you like this picture, you need to consider scuba diving. A diving course cost about RM700 and that is definitely worth it considering you are entering another world.

It is maybe more fun than having a Second Life , which I cannot understand why it becomes so popular. Well, take note of its mantra then - Your world, your imagination !

Despite the lack of understanding, I am definitely impressed. I become more impressed when I started to see how the virtual world is having a great impact on the real world . In fact, I just found out people are using it to get a real life job in addition to paying good money to buy stuffs in the virtual world. Well, I have to say - everything is possible these days. Every products have potential to change the life of millions.

Technical Pre-sales vs. Product Management

The World Is Your Stage - Technical Pre-sales

Pre-sales is a dynamic group of technical specialists based out of regional field offices who go into action when Microsoft launches a product. These are the stage performers of the IT world: immensely capable, adaptable, confident, excellent communicators who are equally cool in front of large crowds and intimate groups. Pre-sales technology specialists work closely with Microsoft Sales to demonstrate the breadth and depth of Microsoft products.
This is not for "heads-down" types; this is a job for those who love people and technology. It means getting pumped about dynamic new products in an infectious way, while at the same time knowing the IT business as a whole in order to speak authoritatively.
Your Strategy Can Make Big Things Happen - Product Management
In an industry that moves at lightning speed, it takes individuals with equal amounts of skill and enthusiasm to create and sustain momentum for great software.


Mend Broken Relationship

Recently, I have a request from a person who hope to mend our broken relationship. Well, to let you know my point later in this post, I first have to say that the person is the one who brought the damage to the relationship in the first place.

However, he wants to do it his ways, i.e. determining which day and who should or should not join the meeting. I did not feel comfortable with some of the arrangements and I voiced out some suggestions.

However, he insisted his way is the best to achieve the objectives and other ways will make things useless.

I got a bit frustrated and I told him this "When u go fishing, what you put on the bait? Do you put the food u like - chocolate, cakes? No, you put worms , which obviously u do not like...".

"In this case, when your objectives are to mend our broken relationship. Do u think it is better to try to do it my way since u r the one initiating it?"

Well, if you read the book "How to win friends and influence people" (whic…

Google Bought Feedburner

Although this news is 3 months old and I cannot believe I missed this out, I am compelled to post this to marvel at the power of enterpreneurship.

Yes, Google bought FeedBurner for speculated $100 million. But the story I wanted to highlight here is not focusing on Google, but rather on FeedBurner. Barely after 3 years since it was started, it had reached a level of recognition enough to grab Google's attention.

So, I do believe in great innovation. And I do believe when you create something great, it will not take too long before people start to recognize the potential of the product.

FeedBurner, founded by four serial entrepreneurs in February 2004, has been on the leading edge of a second-wave Internet boom with the popularity of blogs, commercial newsfeeds and podcasts. FeedBurner developed tools to enable writers, publishers and broadcasters to capitalize on the boom with advertising, tapping the power of RSS, short for Really Simple Syndication, a technology standard for p…

Nice Adventure - How I wish I can have one like this

I come across this very nice adventure of a guy who is traveling on his bike across US and Europe. Wish I can have a journey like that. I cannot help but taking some of his best photo to upload here. Looks like a heaven to me.

I particularly like the last photo. I probably will want to sit there a whole day.

Well, I guess this is another reason why I want to change job. To see more of the world. :)

Change all the design again?

Joey said in his post - "I suddenly took a look at the new web design they've done for us, which I've been approving every step of the way, and didn't like it any more, so I told them we had to start over."

I shared this post with a great designer and she said "Unless everyone sees the same picture. It is hard to even imagine the tiniest bit of enthusiasm everyone is able to squeeze when the whole thing has to be changed."

Very true.

I replied that is the role of a leader, that is to let the whole team know and agree on the direction together. Hardly anyone can do that, especially if it involves changing the whole thing of something people put weeks of efforts into. It is always between too much or too little, too complex or too simple. And the key is BALANCE.

I particularly like the 'sesame seeds' story in the post :

In one of Gerald Weinberg's books, probably The Secrets of Consulting, there's the apocryphal story of the giant multinati…

My struggle

Just want to draw something with my Wacom tablet purchased quite sometimes ago. Not too bad, yeah? :)


Quote from Wikipedia:
Presales will become a key competitive differentiator for the demand-driven economy.Presales is the activity that qualifies in or out a prospect. Such an engagement with a prospect starts from the first point of interaction until an outcome has been reached. These interactions can be started through a variety of engagement triggers such as direct marketing, email and SMS campaigns, interactive advertising, online ads, portals and online billing.A positive presales outcome is the generation of a warm lead or the trigger of a transactional event. However, the highest value of presales interactions is to understand why a positive outcome has not been reached. The aggregation of these interactional patterns can show the emergence of unmet and latent demand.Presales is a relevant method for when there is a multiplying of choices for the prospect to consider. The diversity of pathways leading to different outcomes can be significant for complex products and s…

Country Financial Management

I am getting more serious in my financial management lately due to the huge spending needed to renovate and complete my house for the Home-Sweet-Home project

In addition to that, I noticed a lot of people are turning to unit trust and financial planning as their career choices. I think I know why - I strongly believe the country and all the people need better financial planning. This is proved by the recent increase of cases where people lost couples and hundreds of thousands to millions of their saving to some scams. Amazingly, at the country level, we are also noticing some overspending. Some of the spending left me with big question marks. I cannot seem to understand why the spending cannot be avoided or managed properly. I am still very inept in economy and financial management but I hope to learn more.

Here are the summary from the national news:

RM100 millionwere spent by the government for our 50th Merdeka anniversary celebrations this year.
RM 3.8 were spent per person consider…

I am the Lame Duck Leader now

So, I am being labeled the lame duck leader now. This is the first time I heard this phrase. :).

It is perfectly fine to understand , but if you are being called one right up to your face (in my case, is yahoo messenger) , I guessed it hurt even a little. But not bad, at least I learned something new today.

Adding salt to injury, some of the things I was doing at the past is "meaningless" now. So, there is "no point continuing doing". Again, I can perfectly understand this also, but it again hurts to really heard them.

Let's say you have a really stupid subordinate. If u call him "stupid" or "not clever" or "intelligence-challenged" or "academically challenged" or "slow to understand" or just simply "worthless", I guess it will mean the same for him. It still hurts.

The best way to get your message across? I am not a master in this also. But, I do know when we give feedback, we focus on specific behav…

Need for Change

Thinking differently can help change behaviour and lead to better results.

can change behaviour MORE and lead to even better results.

[Those that] handle the challenge of change well, can prosper greatly. Handle it poorly, and you put yourself and others at risk.

~From the book 'Our Iceberg is Melting'

7 tips from Dilbert to survive in your workplace

If you want to survive in your workplace, these are the 7 most important tips you need to learn from Dilbert.

1. Do not let your boss call the meeting first
You need to always call for meeting first even though you do not know anything or what actions to take. It is OK that nothing come up in the meeting and everyone is rambling in non-existing direction.

If you do not need to plan anything before calling for a meeting, that will save you more time to surf net and have longer lunch right? Besides, you can always log your time as "brainstorming to come out with great ideas and actions". And, no action need to be taken at all.

If you let your boss call the meeting before you, this will happen:

Let me start today's meeting by accusing you all for being lazy and stupid.

Oh, I am so going to like this meeting. Can we get some dough nuts first you continue to hammer and kick our butts?

2. Answering your boss email is utmost important.
Check your email in every 10 minutes to monitor …