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TEAM - Are you a hare, owl, turtle or squirrel?

I just picked up The One Minute Millionaire by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen and found it to be very enlightening.

I like the "Multiple Streams of Income" and "Together Everyone Accomplishes Miracles - TEAM" concept.

For team concept, to create wealth - one must first build a diverse team as success is not a solo project. The diverse team consisted of four different categories of workers, known as the Hares, the Owls, the Tortoise, and the Squirrels. Each one has own strengths to leverage on to make the team successful.

Hare - Creative Types, but bad at follow-through.
Owls - Planners and go-getters.
Turtles - Cautious Types who point out issues.
Squirrels - Details oriented person who get the job done.

The one-minute millionaire site offer a survey to determine which type of worker you are. I found out to be a Hare, which I had guessed right. Here is the link to take the survey:

Below are the explanations of the roles of Hare, Squirrel and Hare/Owl (a combination of role). If you have result of Owl or Tortoise or other combination, maybe you can post it here in the comment section. It is interesting to know more about the other types of people that we have to work with, and most importantly since we all have to deal with each differences and also improve ourselves. For e.g. I learn that I need to be more detailed like a Squirrel, plan more like an Owl and be able to anticipate problems like a Tortoise.

A Hare Role

APPROACH: Conceptual/Spontaneous

DESCRIPTION: The Hare generates the concepts and ideas. They like to reframe the problem and look for solutions that may be unusual, unique,and/or outside the boundaries of traditional thought. Hares are good at exploring alternatives and perceiving the "big picture".
Hares want freedom from constraint, and when a rule exists they may break it. They may act impulsively, letting their feelings guide them. They derive satisfaction from the process of creating,discussing concepts and ideas,and overcoming obstacles.
When everything is in its place,the Hare may become restless,get impatient,and have a tendency to move from one subject to another.

CONTRIBUTION: Fresh, original concepts that go beyond the obvious,and are not constrained by fear of failure.

WEAKNESESS: Because the Hare enjoys generating ideas, they may move from one idea to another without stopping to evaluate the consequences.
If left alone to refine concepts, they will solve the problem within the problem within the problem, and eventually lose sight of the objective.

INSTINCT: Reframing problems to achieve breakthrough solutions, moving in new directions, examining possibilities without regard to risk.

A Squirrel Role

APPROACH: Methodical/Practical

DESCRIPTION: The Squirrel, more interested in protecting the system than being in the meeting, follows-up on team objectives, and implements ideas and solutions. They focus on ensuring the implementation process runs in an orderly manner, and achieving high quality outcomes.
Squirrels prefer proven, familiar ideas over the novel and untried. They pay attention to details, and see that plans follow an orderly process.
The Squirrel is comfortable being methodical. They tend to be cautious in trying out a new approach, and prefer to think things over carefully before acting.

CONTRIBUTION: The details. Spotting easily overlooked problems before they occur, and minimizing inefficiencies and errors during implementation.

WEAKNESESS: If working without clear and focused objectives or guidelines, the Squirrel may lose sight of the goal and pursue irrelevant strategies.

INSTINCT: To finish what they start,and do things right.

A Hare/Owl Role

APPROACH: Conceptual/Spontaneous/Practical

DESCRIPTION: The Hare/Owl is an idea generator who is also a true entrepreneur. They are good at exploring alternatives and concepts, and they are also more comfortable with an insightful plan. The Hare/Owl is able to generate ideas and develop a plan, based on past experience, to promote those ideas successfully.
The Hare/Owl derives satisfaction from identifying good ideas and developing solutions and strategies to overcome obstacles to implementation. They enjoy working on multiple tasks and like to be involved with the creation and advancement of ideas.
When everything is in its place, the Hare/Owl may get impatient, ready for the next challenge.

CONTRIBUTION: Development of new concepts and ideas that can be advanced within a known process or structure.

WEAKNESESS: The Hare/Owl may become frustrated with the details of an orderly implementation plan, and may pay little attention to the danger signs and barriers associated with implementation.

INSTINCT: Creating new ideas and advancing them in pursuit of team objectives.

No Result for Tortoise and Owl. Please post it if you have.

There are other types of personality test if you are interested. One of them is Meyer-Briggs personality test.


Millionaire Maker said...

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Anonymous said...

A Owl/Squirrel Role

APPROACH: Spontaneous/Practical/Methodical

DESCRIPTION: The Owl/Squirrel develops methods and approaches to promote and implement new ideas.Armed with the skills to develop a plan to successfully implement a solution,and the desire to think things through and work out problems before implementation, they will work quickly to achieve the team's objectives.

Looking for early trends and familiar ideas,the Owl/Squirrel streamlines the process to accomplish their objectives.The Owl/Squirrel prefers familiar,proven ideas, and demands a rational and orderly implementation plan.

CONTRIBUTION: Promoting team objectives by setting priorities,advancing the concept and finishing the job.

WEAKNESESS: The Owl/Squirrel may not allow others on the team to continue to create ideas and solutions before selecting solutions and moving forward with an implementation plan and process.

INSTINCT: Advancing new directions and developing detailed implementation plans.

PG said...

Interesting. I am a Owl/Squirrel. Yeah, I think I am both but more of an owl.

Anonymous said...

Tortoise Role:

A Turtle Role
APPROACH: Conceptual/Methodical
DESCRIPTION: The Turtle challenges concepts under discussion. Believing that consequences matter, the Turtle will want to plan how new endeavors are implemented and prepare for surprises. They like to create order from chaos, by improving the process by which ideas are implemented. The Turtle may play "devil's advocate" to test the soundness of an idea and try to improve it.
They prefer order, and are comfortable being methodical. They derive satisfaction from the mental exercise of the debate, and may lead others to examine the merits of an idea, using a systematic process in generating and exploring ideas.
CONTRIBUTION: Making sure that the concept is thought through, and examining how it can be improved and implemented.
WEAKNESESS: If allowed to control the group or the process, the Turtle may lead the team toward choosing low-risk ideas, filtering out ideas that may have greater risks,but also bigger payoffs.
INSTINCT: Prediction of the problems caused by new or unique ideas; improving ideas before implementation.

wgreville said...

Here's a pure OWL description....

Your Answers Indicate A Owl Role

APPROACH: Spontaneous/Practical

DESCRIPTION: The Owl recognizes ideas and new directions in their early stages and develops the means to promote or advance them. When presented with an idea,they think of how to get it implemented,using insightful planning based on past experiences and successful methods. The Owl may initially respond to ideas with skepticism,but will let accepted norms and their feelings guide them.

They derive satisfaction from instilling a sense of purpose in the team, and promoting that purpose with single-mindedness and determination. Their actions are directed to achieving objectives by the most direct,efficient means,and they are not inclined to let rules and boundaries discourage them.

The Owl is able to focus on many things at once,and may move from one subject to another. They enjoy respect and influence.

CONTRIBUTION: Energetically promoting team objectives. Recognizing the value of a new idea or trend,and actively carrying it forward.

WEAKNESESS: If left alone or working only with someone with a strong Conceptual Approach, the Owl may move ahead to implement concepts that aren't completely thought through, ignoring danger signs and realistic barriers to successful implementation.

INSTINCT: Choosing the highest priority ideas, and moving swiftly to see them implemented.

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