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How to be Single and Happy Again Workshop

Are you in the slippery slope of a difficult relationship, going through heartbreak where you are on an emotional rollercoaster or are you over your heartbreak but find something is still holding you back? The pain of heartbreak is very real. At some points of our lives, we experience this mind numbing and heart wrenching feeling. But do you know that with learning some techniques to deal with this, you are not only able to get over this faster, but you may get through this healthier, stronger and wiser? Using NLP, hypnotherapy and other healing techniques, we would help you get through your heartbreak with a new sense of connection to yourself and to the world. Ask yourself these few questions: Do you replay every little detail over and over again in your minds, trying to somehow get the pieces to fit – but you still cannot make sense of it?Do you keep thinking and missing him so much?Are you feeling depressed?Do you find it hard to move on and always find things that remind you of h…