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My farewell email

Updated on 14 May 2008:
Hi readers,
I know you probably get to this post by searching for farewell emails. I hope you like what you are reading and continue to visit my blog, where I share my experience and knowledge.

Since you are looking for farewell emails, my "clever" guess is that you are moving to new jobs. Then you might need to read about Corporate Games aka Office Politics and 3 principles in doing everything in life.


Here is my farewell email to the company which I have worked for 6 years. I have another version of what I do not miss, but I won't be posting that here. :).

Hi Fantastic People,

Just want to bid you all a simple farewell. It has been a great experience working with all of you. Bye bye , see you !

Here are what I will miss very much:
1. All the friendly, helpful and energetic colleagues 2. Gr…

Farewell Email

I stumbled upon this funny farewell email. Of course, I have sent a more professional farewell email to the company. I did not know actually how to write one. I think I have never written one as well, if not mistaken. In my last job, I was retrenched together with 80% of people in the company. In my previous job, which is also my first job, I could not remember I have written a farewell email. I was either too junior to know or it was not a norm in the company.

But, alas, I have written one farewell message in around an hour (in facts, two - one for the whole company and another one just for our team). And it was in point form. I guessed it is quite a unique farewell letter. :)

Well, below is the funny and sarcastic email that I find enjoying. Here is the site too. Enjoy!!

Dear Co-Workers,

As many of you probably know, today is my last day. But before I leave, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what a great and distinct pleasure it has been to type “Today is my last d…

The first hundred days

I am reading the book "You're in Charge - Now What?" now in preparation for my new job. This book is a gift from my boss which I consider to be valuable.

Although the author has used the CEO job as examples, there are many things that we all can learn. For one thing, we need to realize that the first hundred days in our new job are the most important. It was the time when we are in the temporary state of incompetence, faced with being the person who know least about the company. But it is also the most important period for one to lay the groundwork for a long-term momentum and great performance.

I think this should be the first thing we hear when we start a new job. "Congratulations, you got the job, now you have to earn it."

Below is a memo sent by the managing partner of McKinsey Company to the new recruits when they started. He sent a very strong message that day. Coincidentally, I was born in that same month. :)

To: New Associates
From: Ron Daniel
Date: April 1…

Want to digg something?

Do the buzzwords "Wiki", "Facebook", "Twitter", "RSS", "Digg" resonate with you? If you do not know any of these and you are in IT field, I guess you have to start reading more. :)

These websites have also created some new verbs like Google - while you are googling any of the terms above, someone else is digging an article, your friend is getting "poked" in Facebook (this is where you click a button and a line pops-up on the other person's page saying they've been poked), you wonder "What are people twittering about?". Then, your application is no longer a portal but a mashup and apple is bricking its iPhone. Brick is not even in Wiki encyclopedia yet, it is a term made popular by apple for making iPhone into unusable "brick" if users install unauthorized software.

Above all that, Iphone still has such a cool interface and Apple products always win in usability. See right picture.

Below are 2 videos…

Adversity Quotient (AQ)

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ) have always seem to be the most important measures to predict whether one can be successful in their life and career.

However, in the book "The World is Flat", it noted that Curiosity Quotient and Passion Quotient may matter even more than IQ (CQ + PQ > IQ)

Until today, I found there is another measurement - Adversity Quotient (AQ) that is also important, and I strongly agree. In fact, I always believe, my AQ contribute largely to who I am and what I have now. In the book "The Adversity Advantage - Turning Everyday Struggles Into Everyday Greatness", the authors have chosen the mountain as their metaphor for a universal symbol of inspiration and aspiration. People share a drive to ascend -- to move forward and up in our lives; to gain, rather than lose, elevation.

That's why I love mountain climbing so much. I always feel the journey to the top of the mountain is like a journey through life.

In one of …

My Idol is my Mentor

I found myself to be a bit dreamy these days. This is because I am behaving like a teenager and started to idolize an actor who suddenly became my favorite after watching one of his drama and also series of his interviews.

While you are wondering why I am blogging about this, I am going to reveal that despite the aimless admiration, I found myself to be truly inspired.

What attracted this idol to me is not just his look (even though he does look cute...LOL), it is about his adoring nature, i.e. a bubbly, enthusiastic, and hugely positive personality that I like most. Despite his usual hectic schedule and lack of sleep, he always seems to appear happy and energetic in front of the camera. And this is contagious and I am in awe.

In retrospect, I found myself to be less enthusiastic. And I gave myself a lot of reasons for this. Hectic work schedule in perpetual firefighting mode, disagreement with boss, pressure to succeed and for people to view me seriously, all give me reasons to be exasp…

Never Give Up!

Just looked up my desk and saw this picture (only in black and white printout) hanging on my cubicle wall.

I like this poster a lot and every time I look at it, I remind myself this - In life, there are many things and many people who may make your life miserable and cause you to give up on things or even in yourself. Even though you are very small compared to the big people or the big world, there is always ways for you to survive and advance. Thus, you should never give up no matter how hard it is!

Everyday Greatness

An Excerpt from Stephen Covey's New Book, Everyday Greatness

I believe that the majority of people in this world are good people doing good things, and that we should not let the noise of the negative minority drown out the steady sound of good that is around us.

But let me also say this. While so many of us are up to good things and probably deserve more credit than we give ourselves, most of us know that the good we are doing does not always represent our best. And so in our quieter moments, we sense there is still more we can be getting out of life, more we can be giving.
Isn't that true for you?

I like to approach life with the belief that my most important work is always ahead of me, not behind me, and my personal motto is "Live life in crescendo." As a result, I feel a persisting desire to stretch myself in new directions, to look for worthy ways to make a difference. And when I personally experience the desire for life enhancement, I find it valuable to have a res…


Today, I finally made it to the bank located just about 4 blocks away from my office. After waiting for more than a year after losing my ATM card on a non-active account, it was still not a strong enough reason to push me to go. Until recently when the other account where I banked in monthly allowance for my parents was also frozen, I finally dragged my heavy feet to go there. It was, I think, at least more than 3 weeks after my parents reported to me and after at least more than 2 reminders from them. Finally, I got it all done in less than an hour. Suddenly, I felt much less heavy.

Yes, I am serious procrastinator (way serious!!) and I hate going to bank.

I stumbled upon a site which is showing some data to procrastination. My score is way beyond the chart! Can you believe it? (sigh..i guess if my fellow colleagues (or ex-colleagues or friends) are reading this, I probably imagining them laughing and nodding their head violently).

Ok, here are my embarrassing revelations:

1. It took m…

Disable Search Feature

When I was trying to do a search in one of the forum site, I encountered this.

Sorry, this feature is currently disabled.

Please try again during a quieter period.
I am wondering whether this is a good feature trade-off - to disallow users to search when the server is very busy and ask them to try later , or just allow them to do search by letting them wait a long time to view the result triggering frustration and high blood pressure.

Both have problems. For the site that disabled the search, I did not even get to know when the site will be free for me to do search. So, I will probably give it up and go to another site. For the latter option, I probably will "feel" the website is not in a good shape. Because users are guided by feeling or emotion when they choose to buy or use a products/services (ask Apple's loyal users, why they like Apple so much!), this will also have big impact. When people see your brands , they will recall the frustration for having to wait every few…


Frank Warren started PostSecret in 2004 to create a “place” where people could feel free to share their private hopes, desires and fears. A place where the secrets they could not tell their friends and family would be treated with dignity in a non-judgmental way.

Since then people have sent in one hundred and seventy-five thousand anonymous postcards. They are featured in art galleries, a music video, and Frank’s bestselling books.

Here are some truly touching postcards.

The combination of the picture and the words or phrases are very easily imprinted in our mind.
That is the same reason why I always put pictures in my blog. Some pictures are really motivating or peaceful to look at.

In other cases of PostSecret, the words alone can leave a deep print.

For e.g.
here's my secret: every time some finds out that i lost a child and tries to relate to me by talking about how they lost a grandparent or an older relative, i want to scream.

Some are naughty revelations:

Interview with Frank W…

Agile Team (with personality observation)

Following is my message to the team (I wrote this on 5 something a.m. today because my brain was just wired with these messages when I woke up suddenly):

When we started Agile few months ago, besides hoping the team can be more effective and efficient, it also intended to serve as an eye-opener. That is - old way does not always work best and there are always possibilities to change for the better. It is not changing for the sake of changing. It is changing for the better. But no one knows exactly what need to be changed to be better. That is where the Agile is a project for exploring this.

During the introduction to Agile, while the perceptive types were mostly supportive of the agile approach, the judging types (maybe only those who are strong in judging) were mostly skeptical. Because the perceptive like the flexibility and keeping their options open while the judging types prefer the big up-front planning, which probably take days or even weeks to come out with only the plan. Am I r…

So cute

I used to convert 10 pictures to this animated gif. It is fast and easy to use. And it is absolutely free too.

Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator which based the test on 16 personality types is popular among big corporation like Coco-Cola. While the cost to take the test is very high, there are several advantages of knowing what type of employees or colleagues you have. Once we know, it is easier to understand others differences in personality , work-styles and learn to deal with the different personalities. Ultimately, the team can work better together.The 16 personality types are derived from the eight basic personality preferences, mainly:Extroversion vs. Introversion
Where do I get my energy? From the external world or people (extroverts), or from data, ideas, or things (introverts).

Sensing vs. Intuitive
How do I perceive information? Sensing types relate to information from their senses (visual, tactile, auditory, etc.) Intuitive types look at the “big” picture – global, spiritual, the possible, the infinite...

Thinking vs. Feeling
How do I make decisions? Through logic (thinking) or through…

Right Brain or Left Brain

My friend posted this test on The Right Brain vs Left Brain test.

Do you see the dancer turning clockwise or anti-clockwise?

Clockwise -> Right brain
Anti-clockwise -> Left Brain

So, I found myself using more right brain. But when I really focus few times on the picture, it switches to turn the other side, i.e. using my left brain. Try this, it is cool!

It is said that people normally see anti-clockwise. I find it hard to believe.

So, here is roughly my test result, which I felt is mostly true for me:

Use more feeling than logic
"Big picture" oriented rather than detailed oriented
Imagination rather than facts rules
Fantasy-based rather than reality-based
Impetuous rather than practical
Risk taking rather than safe

And, I do use my left brain sometimes, like trying to play safe, being practical and be more realistic. But that is mostly due to influence or a consequences of going through several mistakes.

Both left and right brain should function at most time. It will be great a fin…

Why am I paying more for coffee?

I found that I am paying more and more for my coffee these day. In an innocent attempt to convince myself that coffee is healthy for me, I switched my daily cup of coffee to a new product line which include healthy ingredients like Ginseng and high-calcium milk in the coffee. How pathetic I am. I might as well bought a ginseng to chew on , rather than mix it in my coffee.

Actually, do you know that coffee is good for health? Coffee can actually cure cancer and good for sun protection. If you have known several crazy coffee lovers, who can drink more than 4 cups per day, and also whom I am happy to acquainted with (or am I? :) ) , you probably hear the previous statement a lot of times.

Maybe I did not find it to be very convincing. So, uncontrollably, I found myself drinking the latest combination, Ginseng and Tongkat Ali ; which cost almost double the prices of the normal coffee from the same brand.

Incidentally, my colleagues were telling me that Tongkat Ali is only meant for men. I r…

Sales is about liking and helping people first

I do not understand a lot about sales. I never really do sales before. But I know if I want to start my business one day, I need to at least know a little bit on how to do sales.

But I know that in order to do a good sales, you need to like people. And you need to be genuine when interacting with people, especially your customers. Let's say you hate your customers and you force yourself to deal with them in order to get the business, your expression and body language will show your hatred. Maybe you will wince, or you may look away from them. That is not hard for some smart people to find out through observation or they can just feel it.

Someone who has been doing sales asked me this - "Do you really want to be a sales person (doing business means sales)? Do you want to be forced to associate yourself with people you do not like and live your everyday doing things that you hate?"

This seems like a strange question to me. Or maybe I am just too ignorant of things. I never …

"You cannot" and "If only I had" voices

I heard a lot of voices from the back of my mind these days.

In the quiet moment of trying to recapitulate what have taken place since I decided to resign until now, I gained a lot of different perspectives. Like a sponge, I absorbed anything that was poured out to me. I chose not to filter out or close out any information, positive or negative. I stored all the information, referring to it when I ponder of stuffs.

But still, I shall not change my mind. People who know me well will know that I am a little too stubborn. When my mind is made up, I seldom change unless I found that I have made a mistake. But some people reminded me on what seem to be like Simone de Beauvoir said in his famous quote: "In the face of an obstacle that is impossible to overcome, stubbornness is stupid."

Someone did ask me whether I will be happy doing what I have chosen to do next. I do not really know how to answer this. The answer is maybe slightly less than obvious. So, this is still unquestionab…