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My review and reflection for The Garden of Words

I just watched this short animation work from Makoto Shinkai. I had previously watched his grand hit 'Your Name' and absolutely fell in love with his work.

Garden of Words is interesting in its own way. It is a story of serendipity and budding romance of a young man still in high school with an adult woman. While it is not hard to believe that age gap did not prevent someone from falling in love, I believe the more subtle message is that the man actually matured beyond his age and the woman had not been that much of a grown-up and that would had close the gap for both are actually in the same level of 'spiritual' connection and understanding.

In essences, Age is just a sentient meaning and beyond the physical realm, there are much more in us that we have in common. One such thing as depicted in The Garden of Words as well, we all have our emotional baggages such as fear and uncertainties for our dream and for what we are going to become as well as have own restriction…

I lie

I lie.

I am not really that passionate about life from where I see myself now.  Sometimes I am, but sometimes I am not.

As I get older, life is not one way or the other. It is not just white or black. It is both and gray.

So, I want to continue this blog as honest as I can be. And I am definitely going to write more about bad stuffs , negative feelings and gossips because life has this aspect. It sucks sometimes!

And I am hoping those who read this blog before had already forgot about my identity. Because if only I can feel unknown, I can start afresh in a very open way.

Life is not always facing this amazing view all the time...

Life can be like this ... 

But, I don't care and would like to just say this - f*** u!