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The Slight Edge Philosophy

This great article reminded me of what my mentor has been teaching me.

Hope this can be an enlightenment to those who are not taking actions in their life but choose to blame everything else except themselves.

Those who takes weeks to update their resume. Those who provide wrong advices to their friends thinking they have seen it all. Those who follow their friends advice but never think carefully themselves. Those who choose to mix with negative friends. Those who are unhappy in their work and life but they do not do anything about it. Those who choose to go out to friends' gathering instead of carrying a test that make one closer to understand what they want in life, which may potentially change their life.

I guess a lot of people have not been very wise and matured.

Enjoy this article from Jeff Olson and let's take actions NOW. NOT next year. It is NOW. It should have been YESTERDAY. Also, please do not put it in a New Year Resolution.

When you were a tiny, little child, you ma…


I'm one of those people who are connected to nice phrases or quotes in a sentimental way. Once that happened, it will be imprinted in my mind. But sometimes, I tend to forget because I always want the easy way to things. Not anymore, I promise myself.

Well, here is one I really like:

Work like you don't need the money,
dance like no one is watching,
sing like no one is listening,
love like you will never get hurt,
and live life every day as if it were your last.

It is great to be able to start this again. Let us do ALL of these.

For love, let us take the chance to love like we will never get hurt. Love without conditions and attachments. Love ourselves first. Have courage to take loving action.

Do not lie to yourself

This came to me today.

When we are thinking and acting positively, we do not need to remind ourselves to be positive.

When we are happy, we do not need to tell ourselves to be happy.

When we are confident, we do not need to tell ourselves to not to be afraid.

When we love someone, we do not need to be afraid to get hurt.

If you are doing any of that - telling yourself to do or feel something, maybe you are lying to yourself. Please do not lie to yourself. Be truthful to yourself.

For the first time in my life, I found myself back. I do not need to tell myself anything now. I just feel it. I feel everything around me. I am free and I am ready to take on the world.

Who moved my cheese

I recalled back the slide I had on "Who moved my Cheese?" . I used to share this with my team last time , I think around 1 year ago.

It is good to read back and try to remember what was being taught here.
Change HappensAnticipate ChangeMonitor ChangeAdapt to Change QuicklyChangeEnjoy Change !
Be Ready to Change Quickly and Enjoy it Again.
I felt this past few months, there have been so much changes for me that it makes me feel scary of what is lying ahead of me. But, I learnt that there is one 5-letter word that is the most powerful word in life, that is, FAITH.

Have faith in yourself and others!


Points of Ponder:
We always have people in the organization that act like Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw . Who do you act like?Sniff – Sniff out the situation and see the change early
Scurry – go into Action immediately
Hem – wanted to stay in familiar territory and do not want to change
Haw – laugh at oneself, change and do better.Do not be afraid of ChangeChange is happening everywhere and …

Funny Facts about Farewell Email

I noticed this in my blog statistic and I cannot help to feel a little bit funny.

The top search keyword that lead to my blog is farewell email, which brought about 35 visits.
Other keywords which also bring people to me site are farewell emails, farewell email to colleagues, best farewell email, farewell e-mail, funny farewell email, farewell e-mail to colleagues, simple farewell email, workplace farewell email, writing farewell email to colleagues.

I tried to search farewell email in Google, and found my blog is in the ranking of 20, at page 2. I consider this to be quite a good achievement. Maybe I am helping a lot of people to write farewell email.

The page with top pageviews is my farewell email and another funny farewell email I have gotten from the web.

PagesPageviews% Pageviews/ 62051.71%/2007/10/my-farewell-email.html 796.59%/2007/11/mindsets-of-young-people-today.html 494.09%/2007/10/adversity-quotient-aq.html 473.92%/2007/11/when-you-have-to-make-sacrifices.html 262.17%
This prompted…

21 Irrefutable Laws of Relationship With Your Spouse. Rule No. 4: Law of Bullying Each Other

All of us are definitely no saints, so I guess, there are times we want to be a little bit cruel and act like a spoiled King or Queen.

I supposed most of us cannot behave like King or Queen in the workplace. If not, we risk being fired by our bosses or receive complaints from our colleagues. So, the best person where we can vent our frustration and madness are usually at our other half. Poor thing. Who say love has to be beautiful all the time?

Anyway, as long as we have fun bullying each other, it will be something exciting that we share in the relationship. Caution is - it has to be two-ways. When it is only one-sided, the relationship will stand a chance of being miserable, at least for the person who always get bullied. It also means, if you always get bullied, try to pick up the game and retaliate.

Do note that physical harm or aggressive behaviors are strictly not what I am talking about here. If your partner ever lay a hand on you so much as to cause you pain or small bruises, dum…