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3 principles in doing everything in life

My mentor told me these 3 principles on our first day of training. At that time, I just noted them down and never really give it a serious thought and practice.

Over the time, I saw him repeated this teaching to other people who were lucky enough to have chance to learn things from him. And I witnessed all the successful results when the rules are followed through each execution. On the other hand, I saw how things failed miserably when these rules were not being followed, especially when one missed out a step.

I can say this is the secret to success. Simple rules yet so powerful. It is the difference between people who always deliver on promise no matter what are the circumstances and people who always fail together with a set of reasons for their failures.

Here are the principles. These can be applied to everything you want to do in life, except maybe love.

1. Do homework/preparation

Before we start working on anything, we need to do our homework or make enough preparation. No generals o…

Crazy man in a crazy weather

After a month of lack of posting due to my busy schedule, I would like to share this incredible true story.

While I was working in Beijing last week, I witnessed an unbelievable act of craziness. It was around 7 p.m. at temperature of around minus 10 degree Celsius. The man was in the middle of the walkway, apparently searching for taxi. He was unsheltered from the icy wind and temperature that can easily freeze a glass of water in 10 minutes.

And he was only wearing a T-shirt and a thin sweater. No conventional winter coat. Immediately he stood out in the crowd as at that crazy weather, it was almost like a crazy suicide attempt. He was there for at least 20 minutes. I can almost guarantee that Fear Factor would not even consider that act in their programs.

He survived, thanks to God's kindness. I asked him why he did that. He said his girlfriend was feeling cold because she just had a winter coat and a blouse underneath. He gave her his coat to prevent her suffering in the cold wea…