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Law of Paying Attention

Remember the Law of Paying Attention of the 21 Irrefutable Laws of relationship which suggested that we should pay attention to our loved one? We are to observe and maybe surprise our partner with something that he or she really desire.On the other note, I really wish to continue the series again soon.

Do you know when you really DESIRE something, you usually will get it? And on last week, I got what I desire because my partner has been paying attention to me. Although the desire is not too wishful and neither it is difficult to be fulfilled, it certainly made my day and I still feel sweet until now when I think about it.

So, the story goes like this. On one fine day when I went out with my darling to run some errands and while we were waiting in the queue, there was this advertisement banner in front of us. The banner has a picture of my favourite food and drink, nasilemak and tehtarik. I stared unconsciously at the banner for quite sometimes. Actually, I was staring at the mouth-wate…

Corporate Games aka Office Politics (Part 2)

First of all, I would like to thank my mentor for writing this part for me. Additionally, he told me there is a total of 16 corporate games. I never thought it can be that specific and I definitely curious to know more. So, there will be a lot of articles coming on this topics.

I encourage you readers to direct any questions you have about corporate games in the comments of this post. I shall get my mentor to answer your questions. He warned me though, the corporate game players are going to hate him (and me, since this is my blog) for all these exposures. I guess the last thing I will be affected both emotionally and spiritually is to upset all these players. I, basically, may even be elated to do this.

Here it goes:

Why does corporate games exist and rising?

Statistically over 65% of Malaysians are unaware of what their future holds in their work life.

It is actually a phenomenon which have been observed for the past few years among the working class at the age of between 20-30 years o…