Thursday, 3 May 2007

21 Irrefutable Laws of Relationship With Your Spouse. Rule No. 3: Law of Paying Attention

The best way to show that you love that person is to pay attention to them. Pay attention to what they tell you. Tickle them. Touch them . Make fun of them.

Everyone seeks attention , especially from their loved one. It is so much fun and so sweet to have someone giving you the attention.

So, starting from now:

1. Listen attentively to your spouse. It's a very easy thing to do, but it is often overshadowed by personal thoughts or wants.

2. Whether you are playing games or working and your spouse is somewhere in the same house, go and check on them - call them names, give them a little touch, give them some surprised hugs or kisses.

3. Discover their interest. Some people like flowers, some like to hear the words 'I love you.' Still others like to get a feeling - a touch, a hug -- most people like a combination of these.

4. When you are going out with your spouse (alone or with other bunch of friends) , always try to give some attentions to her. For e.g., it will be fun to "accidentally" touch her or tickle her and all these at the same time, hiding it from other friends.

That's all for today. Of course, you can always try to find new ways to pay attention to your spouses. It does not take a genius to learn that. Just pay more attention and observe. :)

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