Sunday, 15 February 2009

Three most touching movies that I watched (and rewatched) in 2008

This may seems a little bit late to be nostalgic about 2008. But by chance, I happened to see 3 old but inspiring movies that I might otherwise missed, if not for the best of fate - definitely must-see movies!

There is one common theme about all the three movies - the realm of possibilities. They tell us about people who achieve things that may at many times seems impossible to them and everybody else. They are not scared to try every ways to make their dreams come true. They do not give up when things are at their very worst.

And these are the most remarkable thing in life - the simple love, the faith ,the pursuit of happiness and changing the world by helping others.

Movie 1: I Am Sam (2001)

Movie 2: Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

Movie 3: Pay It Forward (2000)

Let us be Passionate about Life cause Life is ever so Beautiful!


Ching Yaw said...

I watched this movie "pursuit of happiness" twice is a meaning movie...:)

autumnmusic said...

i'd love to watch 'i am sam' and had had the urge to watch 'the pursuit of happyness' ages ago, haha

Susan said...

@Ching Yaw
I watched "Pursuit of Happyness" 4 times last year, more than enough to notice that the film purposely spell Happyness with y instead of i and it kinda have a different meaning there; like it is not the normal happiness, it is the happyness, that depends on how one define it, whether it is spelt or perceived wrongly by others. Cheers!

yeah, I love "I am Sam", but you should watch "Pursuit of Happyness too and of course "Pay It Forward". Cheers!

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