Saturday, 30 April 2011

10 signs on how I know I was overwhelmed

My mind was screaming. My spirit was sinking. But on the surface, I was collected as I went on my everyday routine. Even then, I knew I was overwhelmed and here are how I knew:

1. My old laptop screamed “Low Memory” ten times a day. My new laptop took 2 months to reach me due to poor distribution, mistake in shipment and wrong OS installation. Now I understand why competitor brand (D**l ) deserved to get a bigger pie of the market.

2. I told my coaches I needed a week break. They ended up 2 to 3 weeks.

3. My planned vacation in May seems like a long wait. I am glad it is almost there now as I need a recharge badly.

4. I conveniently forgot all the deadlines and tasks. I kept a to-do list in my iPhone, which I relied on a lot. Unfortunately, I refused to refer or update the list by telling myself I need to find better software to do a better job. Because I believed I was definitely NOT the cause of this problem. Nothing beats to blaming everything else except ourselves.

5. I started reading more than 8 books since 3 months ago, but never even finish one book. And I kept buying new books. It is like buying 10 dresses during sales but never actually wear one out.

6. I used only 3 days to re-write my third Toastmaster speech after I was not satisfied with the first draft. And I was left with 2 days to rehearse. Obviously, the delivery was bad and it sapped my confidence. Then I spent the next few weeks trying to find ways to boost my confidence, including reading a book on confidence which I also did not manage to finish as well.

7. I carried piles of documents to and from work in a separate bag that weighed somewhere in between 10 to 20 apples. I felt like anytime now,  Anthony Robbins might give me a call to ask me on some of the things he is not sure. So, in order to be able to answer his question, I need to have my documents close to me. (Of course, I did not take into account that he actually does not have my phone number and have never met me before.)

8. I re-watched my few favourite TV dramas for the second and third times. Believe me, I was very much aware that I had other more constructive things to do.

9. I broke the record for my blog. There was no post for more than 3 months. Finally, when I managed to write something, it was about how overwhelmed I was and why I could NOT post anything to my blog.

10. The fact that I am writing this post while my piles of work were not done yet. And the fact that I could really find the 10 signs on why I was overwhelmed.

I am so glad my “overwhelming” period is over. Now, I am back on track. Just like a new-born.

Speaking on new-born, congratulations to all of my friends who have or going to have babies this year – quite a bunch of them. Maybe can setup a football team?

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Daphne said...

Good that you are not back on track. :P

Susan Lim said...

Daphne, I think you mean, I am "now" back on track, right?

Daphne said...

pai seh,
yes, should be "Good that you are now back on track." :P

ahneblog said...

i having the same issues like you. :'(
im actually trying to find a way to cure it.. by getting things done little by little.

Dax Ramadani said...

HI Susan.. I am feeling what you are feeling.

As a matter of fact, I think our Blog can complement each other - at least your portion of it that speaks about business, positive thinking (a portion of the Law of Attraction), and similar topics about life.

Check it out:

Cheers! Dax

911asian said...

Why won't the group succeed into 10 signs on how I know I was overwhelmed? 10 signs on how I know I was overwhelmed staggers in the interference. The graduate slips 10 signs on how I know I was overwhelmed. The discontinued appeal intervenes under a jungle.

Kate said...

Hi Susan...You simply wanted to get all things done at once that gets you overwhelmed. Consider the 80/20 rule. Do the 20% of the work that gives you 80% satisfaction than 80% of the work that gives you just 20% satisfaction. It can free some of your time to enjoy life.

Susan Lim said...

Thanks for your advice, Kate. I actually bought the book "The 80/20 Principle" by Richard Koch and I am reading it now.

Kate said...

@Susan Kim,

Glad to hear you're reading the book about the 820 / 20 law. It's also called the Pareto Principle. Actually, a couple of months have passed now. Did you finish your book by Richard Koch?

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