Thursday, 5 September 2013

Marianne Williamson on Relationship, Creativity, Leadership, and Divine Compensation

I hope I would look as gorgeous, fabulous and healthy as Marianne Williamson at the age of 61. She emanates wisdom and vitality. She is not afraid to speak fast or to wave her hand passionately - perhaps attesting to being peaceful does not mean you cannot be passionate as well. She advocates love, and an avid student and teacher of A Course of Miracles (ACIM).

There are 3 resources that I would like to share with you, my fellow reader:

1. Her "Return to Love" book, a classic.

I have a copy of this book "A Return To Love" by Marianne Williamson. Those who had looked at my worn and crumpled copy would think that I did not value it. But I love this book. And that is also why I carry it around and re-read it whenever I can.

Its lesson is very powerful. It reminds me to surrender, to forgive, to focus on now, to heal, to let go of fear and ego, to be peaceful and most of all, to love.

While its most famous quote is "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.", I really like the myriad of prayers offered in the book, especially in the times when I deviate from love.

Dear God, please help me. Heal my mind. Wherever my thoughts have strayed from love - if I've been controlling, manipulative, greedy, ambitious for myself - whatever it is , I'm willing to see this differently.

Dear God, you know, and I know, that I have more potential for neurosis in this area (relationship) than in any other. Please take my attraction, my thoughts and feelings about this person and use them for your purposes. Let this relationship unfold according to your will.

Dear God, let me see this person through your eyes. 

Dear God, please help me realize that I am someone wonderful. 

Dear God, please help me. This is it. Right here. There is where the sword enters my heart. This is where I blow it every time. 

Dear God, I surrender this situation to you. May it be used for your purposes. I ask only that my heart be open to give love and to receive love. May all the results unfold according to your will. 

2. Another powerful interview on relationship

There is a interview with Marianne Williamson on the topic of Shifting within our
relationship. You can access here in this link.

She touched on holy-isolation, in which two parties who separate can mean that the physical proximity is no longer the highest container for their mutual soul growth, and this is not a failure in relationship. Relationship is eternal - our bodies separate, minds are eternally connected. And it's our own path that we're asked to vigilantly monitor, not someone else's. This actually rings well with the teaching of Ho'oponopono.

3. Her video lectures.

Below is a video on YouTube where Marianne discuss on creativity, leadership and divine compensation at GoogleTalk. More video lectures can be find on her official website.

At around 35th minute, one of the audience brought into discussion about a belief that our actions do not really matter; what matter is our consciousness. Marianne was obviously quite appalled with that belief - It does not matter what we do? With 17 thousands children and 15 thousands adults starving to death everyday and billions of people living on $1.5 or less a day, there are so much things we can do.

Yes, spiritual study does not mean we just sit around, clear our consciousness and meditate. It also means to take action to give love. Namaste.

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