Saturday, 4 August 2007

My First House

This is the layout of my first house. Finally, I have the key to it.

These days, I should be busy changing my empty unit to home-sweet-home. But, I do not know why I keep on procrastinating.

Maybe I lack the vision? Maybe I scared the end result is not even a close match to my dream house? Maybe I sacred of commitments (house is a liability if you are living in it)?

Anyway, I always believe the journey is as important as the destination. So, I have to enjoy this process. In fact, it brings good feeling to bring my family, relatives and friends to see my empty house. :)

I keep on having plans to invite a lot of people to my house, especially children - nieces, nephews, cousins. Keep on having this picture in mind to prepare them banana boat ice-cream and giving them lots of food to eat.

1 comment:

autumnmusic said...

hehe, the feel would be better if have ur own children next time ;)

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