Thursday, 22 November 2007

Mindsets of My Dream Team

  • Always deliver beyond expectation.
    Go all out in everything and never settle for less.
  • Result-oriented.
    Know what is the objectives and desired results, and do all the necessary things (untold things) to make it happen. Never give excuses to fail. Always get the necessary things done.

  • Creative and always think of better ways everyday . Always ready to change. Everywhere they go, they see opportunities and things to improve.

  • Passionate about everything in life
    Product, technology. Always show enthusiasm and full energy in everything they do. Encourage and energize other people around them.

  • Willing to sacrifice their comforts
    Success need a lot of sacrifices

  • Willing to take risk
    My mentor's favorite "Do not be wishy-washy". They have to trust and go with their guts feelings

  • Persistent .
    Will not give up easily. They can give up the approaches or methods along their way but they never give up their dreams.

  • Sharing
    Always share and help other people but still can perform very well individually. Challenge and argue about things together. Never be afraid to let other great people go ahead of them. View it as a good competitive pressure.

  • Appreciative
    Know what, how and when to be appreciative. Is thankful for small little things. Instead of complaining, they take action to rectify the situations. Always show appreciation for the team.
Right people in the team can make a hell of differences in the company and in any settings. From the book "From Good to Great" - Always get the right people on the bus , then only decide where to go.

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