Friday, 2 November 2007

Think, Believe, Dream, Speak

My friend asked me to share this with others. This is told by his pastor to him when he asked for some advices. I guess he was at some uncertain point in life and he need some motivations.

Think - change your thinking , more positive , you can do everything you want if you think you can

Believe - believe in yourself, believe in your skill

Dream - have a vision , you can dream, then only you can get

Speak - speak , action , speak out , no point just dream and do not go for it

I could not help by adding another value - Endure . There will be difficulties along the way and we need to endure and stay within the 4 values and do not give up easily.

To my friend, gambate!


autumnmusic said...

another important point for ppl like me would be: "understand and accept urself, improve urself from there"... i.e. fixing myself starting from the very roots... :)

i recommend this video, what they shared really knocks into my heart:

anonymous said...

i haven gone thru the following yet, but i tink we can owes learn from heartfelt sharings:


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