Tuesday, 20 November 2007

When we have to make sacrifices

Sweat plus sacrifice equals success.

Everyone wants success. Everyone wants to get rich. But why not everyone is successful and rich?

More often than not, we hear people saying this. They want balance in life. They want to spend more time having fun. They want to keep their life simple and not demand too much. They want a job that only requires them to commit 8 hours a day on weekdays and nothing more. They are happy being who are they, even if they are struggling to make the ends meet.

At the same time, they want to be successful and rich.

That is almost impossible. Unless they get lucky and hit the jackpot, I do not see there is any other ways they can get rich.

A key criteria for people to be successful is to sacrifice their comforts first. Get out of the comfort zone. Take risk. Spend long hours working and learning. Make sacrifices. What's more, one have to sacrifice the time to be with her loved ones.

Only when we are successful, we are capable to help more people. I believe this and thus I am going to take the challenge to make myself a millionaire in 2 years time. In these 2 years, I probably need to make huge sacrifices especially on my time. I do hope my loved ones will be understanding enough and will support me all the way.

And I will help others along the way. And when I really achieve success, I will help more people, especially those who have fight along with me. In my whole career life, I never have any problems sharing my knowledges and experiences with others. Of course, at most of the time, I share more with those who deserve it more than others. Life is fair at most time. Only when we give more, we will be able to take more.

When I started my management role about a year plus ago, I wrote this - "My purpose is to use my creativity and enthusiasm to support and inspire others to freely express their talents in a harmonious and loving way. My purpose is to be happy and make others happy."

I still believe I am on the right track. And this still remains as my everyday purpose.

And, I considered myself very lucky to finally find a great mentor that is willing to teach me. People may start to wonder, why my mentor choose to teach me ? Why I am suddenly given a chance of a lifetime?

Maybe my mentor see there is potential in me to grow much more. Or maybe I just get lucky. Either way, isn't it is better to believe the good things when it happens , rather than doubting and being negative about it (good-things-never-come-to-me mentality)?

And my advice for all of us - we need to be positive and always improve ourselves, because some day, someone great may come to our life and offer to mentor us. I believe this because on the other side, I will do the same when I become someone great.

Hope to post more things for sharing soon despite the hectic schedule.


Blog Boy said...

good post..
I really enjoy reading your posts....
Keep up the good work

Weekhang Teoh said...

Judging by what you have written so far, I think you can already be a mentor to other people now... why wait :)

One of my mentor also told me that it is important to choose our peer group, because the people that we choose to spend time with can either push us further or pull us back. I am lucky enough to have a spouse and a bunch of friends who always challenge me to be a better person and keep me on my edge.

By the way - if you are in KL - i thought you might be interested in this: http://www.malaysianmensa.org/images/Doc/MENSA%20Forum%202007.pdf

check it out and maybe I'll see you there.

Susan said...

Hi WeeKhang,

Yeah, I think I am mentoring some ppl along the way. I hope I can learn more and to share more things with them.

And you are right, it is important to choose the group that we want to mix with.

I also think we should choose our boss, because our boss can make a lot of differences in our life. Only when we follow someone great, then only we will become someone great as well.

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