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Taking a step back to move forward

This beautiful castle seems like a dream to me

First find a dream, then find a plan to achieve the dream. And then, just go all out to execute the plan and persist. One day, the reward will come...........

Two weeks ago, I decided to quit my job to make a swift turn in my career. Yesterday, I was at the junction, deciding which path I wanted to take next. The pressure was overwhelming. After all, this is going to be a great turning point for my career track of 8 years. These days will have impact on my whole career life and even my life, so to speak.

So, I finally decided. Despite being so blurry today until I was dozing off several times during work due to only 3-hours sleep last night, the decision was not hard to make. In fact, I know the answer has been there all the while in my heart. And one great Director from a great company said in my recent interview, I need to "follow my heart". And that's important.

There are few things that this new job is actually a few steps backward for me. Well, thanks to my current boss (even though I seldom appreciate that) , I was given a lot of opportunities in my current company. Sometimes, more than I could handle. But this new job offers me more chance in other area like pre-sales and learning on how to start my own business - which is my ultimate goal.

A great person told me this. I should not be working for other people. I should be my own boss one day. So, do not just look at short-term gain. Do not work for the money. Let the money work for me. After all, another great Director from another great company told me this - I am not being offered just a job, but a career.

Well, for the past couples of weeks, I have met 3 very successful people who definitely know what to say at the right time. It is like the phrases are their trademark or something. And I have to admit, I was enticed entirely, like an ant to the pool of sweet.

However, I got a fair taste of bitterness also. I was said to be a bit wishy-washy for not being bold enough to take the new challenge and trying to play safe by having backup plans. Totally right! Also, I was also given enlightenment not to appear to be so ambitious as sometimes that will work against me. Again, true also.

Well, at the top of the chart of my discouraging list, my current boss make a bet that I would come crawling back to the company to beg for a job after 3 months. Of course, the begging and the crawling part maybe a bit overstating. But the rest is true.

And so, that is me on the verge of some nervous breakdown because everyone try to impart some influences on me. And my futile attempt to please everyone ended up with more burden on my shoulder. Maybe I need to heed the advice from a great mentor - think of myself and my family first. When I am great, I can do a lot more for other people.

Well, so now I am taking a step back to move forward. And I definitely have my eyes set on the future. There will be no backup plans for I will not go back to where I used to be. And definitely, I will get myself busy with my new job even though there are speculation that pre-sales job will be very free. Well, these are roughly going to be my new responsibilities:

1. To manage end to end development of R & D department for testing and improvements of solution.

2. To assist in presales activities for solution for both local and international clients.

3. To manage all project planning and implementation progress to ensure timely and smooth delivery to the clients.

4. responsible for the technical development and designing of solutions.

5. to manage the technical team for Research & Development, implementation and solution delivery for existing and new solutions.

6. To plan and manage visitations to client for a better understanding of the client's requirement for solutions.

7. Willing to learn and accept new skills and knowledge for the improvements of work requirement and imparting of skill-sets to subordinates.

Well , if these responsibilities are considered not time-demanding, I would have already been a very successful and efficient person. But I still had a long way to go.

And there are a lot of reading to catch up and a lot of things to learn and teach to others.


Blog Boy said…
All the best for your future endeavors.
Nice post!!!
Tracy said…
I know you can do better than now. Add oil!!!
Susan said…
Many thanks, blog boy and tracy for your support and wishes. :)

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