Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Technical Pre-sales vs. Product Management

The World Is Your Stage - Technical Pre-sales

Pre-sales is a dynamic group of technical specialists based out of regional field offices who go into action when Microsoft launches a product. These are the stage performers of the IT world: immensely capable, adaptable, confident, excellent communicators who are equally cool in front of large crowds and intimate groups. Pre-sales technology specialists work closely with
Microsoft Sales to demonstrate the breadth and depth of Microsoft products.

This is not for "heads-down" types; this is a job for those who love people and technology. It means getting pumped about dynamic new products in an infectious way, while at the same time knowing the IT business as a whole in order to speak authoritatively.

Your Strategy Can Make Big Things Happen - Product Management

In an industry that moves at lightning speed, it takes individuals with equal amounts of skill and enthusiasm to create and sustain momentum for great software.

That's the charge of Product Management at Microsoft. Each year Microsoft invests billions of dollars in research and development to explore technologies that will positively impact businesses, education, and everyday life. Product Managers help chart the course of those new products and services as they emerge. They work with the development team to determine product functionality, strategize product positioning, and drive the product launch. After introduction, the Product Management team monitors customer and partner response to the products and refines product strategy to ensure the best possible user experience.

As a Product Manager, you have the freedom to run your own business and the resources to make a global impact. The ideal candidate possesses excellent marketing and business analysis skills, well-developed strategic thinking, and the ability to communicate and coordinate with a variety of product development, marketing, sales, and business development teams.

From Microsoft Website

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