Saturday, 27 October 2007

My farewell email

Updated on 14 May 2008:
Hi readers,
I know you probably get to this post by searching for farewell emails. I hope you like what you are reading and continue to visit my blog, where I share my experience and knowledge.

Since you are looking for farewell emails, my "clever" guess is that you are moving to new jobs. Then you might need to read about Corporate Games aka Office Politics and 3 principles in doing everything in life.


Here is my farewell email to the company which I have worked for 6 years. I have another version of what I do not miss, but I won't be posting that here. :).

Hi Fantastic People,

Just want to bid you all a simple farewell. It has been a great experience working with all of you. Bye bye , see you !

Here are what I will miss very much:
1. All the friendly, helpful and energetic colleagues
2. Great team spirit.
3. Freedom to perform and argue.
4. Flexible working hours.
5. Agile meetings and planning with the point estimation using UNO cards (I leave the UNO cards for you guys)
6. The free but delicious birthday cakes, moon cakes, “tong sui”, and food (from trips) in front of CSD room.
7. Cute souvenirs from colleagues after their trips.
8. The agile room full of writings on mahjong papers.
9. The one-on-one talks with all people.
10. My boss's endurance of me and my bad habits
11. My spacious but messy desk.
All to best to you guys! Do keep in touch.

Best Regards,

Here are some photos:
My messy desk

Find out the poster here.

Our Agile Room full of writings of our tasks on all the walls

So many wonderful memories.......................

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