Sunday, 9 December 2007

Funny Facts about Farewell Email

I noticed this in my blog statistic and I cannot help to feel a little bit funny.

  1. The top search keyword that lead to my blog is farewell email, which brought about 35 visits.
    Other keywords which also bring people to me site are farewell emails, farewell email to colleagues, best farewell email, farewell e-mail, funny farewell email, farewell e-mail to colleagues, simple farewell email, workplace farewell email, writing farewell email to colleagues.

  2. I tried to search farewell email in Google, and found my blog is in the ranking of 20, at page 2. I consider this to be quite a good achievement. Maybe I am helping a lot of people to write farewell email.

  3. The page with top pageviews is my farewell email and another funny farewell email I have gotten from the web.

Pages Pageviews % Pageviews
620 51.71%
79 6.59%
49 4.09%
47 3.92%
26 2.17%

This prompted me to believe in few things:
1. A lot of people are quitting their jobs.

2. Most people believe there are some standard farewell emails that they can use , much like the interview cover letter, thank you letter, etc.

3. Farewell email can be hard to write , especially, not all of us are doing that quite often. Also we want to leave a good image to the company or colleagues before we leave, so we want some quality in the farewell email. Thus, it is worth the time to do some search on the farewell email.

4. My farewell email is unique and nice. So, probably, Google Search Engine realize that. LOL.


Updated on 14 May 2008:
Hi readers,
I know you probably get to this post by searching for farewell emails. I hope you like what you are reading and continue to visit my blog, where I share my experience and knowledge.

Since you are looking for farewell emails, my "clever" guess is that you are moving to new jobs. Then you might need to read about Corporate Games aka Office Politics and 3 principles in doing everything in life.

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Anonymous said...

Good writing. Hope that the ones that reads them will practise it.

Great job.

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