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Making the Most of What We Have

An interesting article on keeping a positive outlook.

Sometimes, seeing the silver lining is all you need to keep your business burning bright.

These are the few things the author highlighted:
Stay positive because it helps you be creative during stressful times.

If the seafood is going to spoil anyway, you might as well enjoy a great meal while you can.
Keep a sense of humor at all times.

Vote with your wallet.I always keep these few values in check. And I will continue to make sure of this.

Looking back at my previous company, I was always there at the most critical moments in the company. There were major cases of database corruption, critical performance problem with the application, screw-up of processes. The only critical moment that I was not involved physically involved urgent migration of application & DB to another machine due to server hacking. That night, I was unable to sleep well, not because I was worried (everyone should know I sleep like pig) but I received calls …

Mindsets of young people today

This is my third consecutive posts on mindsets. And I believe this will be the best. But , unfortunately, this post is about mistakes that people make. I am sharing this with you so that you can learn from other people mistake instead of making your own.

I want to start off with my own mistake first.

I realized today I am too soft and lenient with the people I have managed so far. Terrible mistake. In a way, I am pampering the people and have not given them the chances to learn more, especially to learn from the hard way. Up until this point, I always think I am a good manager. I plan for people careers, I share things with them, I buy good books for them and I truly care about them as persons. This is also my another mistake. Because I care for them, I have already mixed my logics with my feelings and emotions until to the points I can no longer see their mistakes and hold them responsible for it. I cover for them, and I give them excuses to fail themselves and to fail me.

I become a pa…

Mindsets of Higher Level

While I have quite a number of requirements for the mindsets of my dream team, my mentor had different requirements for me.

As I compared them with my lists , I find it will be another level for me to learn and master all these:
Practice self-control
Keep in control of everything and anything, be it while we are walking, sleeping , talking, etc. These things will betray us if we are not in control.

Get in touch with logic.
Logic should always win over feeling and emotion.

Never associate with negative people

Do not assume things
When in doubts, always ask. Do not assume anything as wrong maybe right and right maybe wrong. Do our homework. Be prepared.

Mindsets of My Dream Team

Always deliver beyond expectation.
Go all out in everything and never settle for less.Result-oriented.
Know what is the objectives and desired results, and do all the necessary things (untold things) to make it happen. Never give excuses to fail. Always get the necessary things done.

Creative and always think of better ways everyday . Always ready to change. Everywhere they go, they see opportunities and things to improve.

Passionate about everything in life
Product, technology. Always show enthusiasm and full energy in everything they do. Encourage and energize other people around them.

Willing to sacrifice their comforts
Success need a lot of sacrifices

Willing to take risk
My mentor's favorite "Do not be wishy-washy". They have to trust and go with their guts feelings

Persistent .
Will not give up easily. They can give up the approaches or methods along their way but they never give up their dreams.

Always share and help other people but still can perform very well indivi…

When we have to make sacrifices

Sweat plus sacrifice equals success.

Everyone wants success. Everyone wants to get rich. But why not everyone is successful and rich?

More often than not, we hear people saying this. They want balance in life. They want to spend more time having fun. They want to keep their life simple and not demand too much. They want a job that only requires them to commit 8 hours a day on weekdays and nothing more. They are happy being who are they, even if they are struggling to make the ends meet.

At the same time, they want to be successful and rich.

That is almost impossible. Unless they get lucky and hit the jackpot, I do not see there is any other ways they can get rich.

A key criteria for people to be successful is to sacrifice their comforts first. Get out of the comfort zone. Take risk. Spend long hours working and learning. Make sacrifices. What's more, one have to sacrifice the time to be with her loved ones.

Only when we are successful, we are capable to help more people. I believe this …


As a manager, I always stress on result-orientation (as opposed to task-orientation) and seeing the big picture for all our teams.

When I see someone discouraging that, I always feel like my mind will explode.

These are what I heard before:

1. (for a product that failed to capture market share) What you need to focus on is to complete the product development as planned. You do not need to worry about how we market and whether our product can make it to the market. We can do marketing only if we have a complete product.

2. (in a project running a big risk of delay because of resource and time constraints) You do not need to worry about the lack of resources or the risk of delay, you just need to do your part and help as much as possible. I will be totally responsible for the whole thing.

3. (for raised concerns over other departments that are not performing well or not cooperative enough) You do not need to worry about other departments or other people. You just need to make sure you and yo…

Things aren't always what they seem

My mentor asked me this "Do you know what you are asking for?" (He is referring to what I want him to teach me and what I want to get in my life)

Suddenly, I think of this story I read long ago. This story is about something that we may miss out if we only see from the surface of things.

So, it makes me wonder what I am really asking for ? On the surface, it may be money, or great career, power or freedom. But I think I want more than that. In fact, these are secondary. I guess what I really want is to find meaning in life, and helping others as well . Not in a spiritual or religion-related sense though.

And how do I know if I get what I ask for? I guess, like this story, I need to constantly observe and evaluate so that I can see what I have gotten beneath the surface. Because things are not always what they seem. Bad things can turn out to be great things. And I should not take things for granted. I should appreciate things in life.

Here is the story. Enjoy.

Two traveling ange…

Fakin' It

Stanley Bing wrote in his latest column in Fortune - Look, all of us who enter a work location everyday pretend, to one degree or another, to be something that we are not. We act as if we are cheerful when we are down in the dumps. We make financial projections we do not believe. If we are in banking, we profess confidence even when we are soiling our shorts.

For me, there are times when I portray to have more confidence than I actually have.
To be brave even though I am cowering inside.
To be hardworking and aggresive, even though all I want is some lazy and sluggish days.

Is this considered lying to the outside world? Pretending to be great?

How about those who actually believe they are someone they pretend to be? For example of a person who wonders "I am warmth, kind and caring to people, why people still not like me?", the answer is he is not. Maybe he believes that, but the truth is, he is just pretending to be warmth, kind and caring. People may be able to sense that and mi…

Google Search

Google amazed me again with the tracking of their search. I can see the search text and the position.

From here also, I found that if someone is searching using my name - "susan lim", I will appear at position 148. Hmm, not easy to find, but is fine for me.

I think it will be quite a time consuming process to insert all these tracking data for all the search result, but this does not seems to affect the speed of the Google search at all. And that is what so great about good product and usabillity design.

Think, Believe, Dream, Speak

My friend asked me to share this with others. This is told by his pastor to him when he asked for some advices. I guess he was at some uncertain point in life and he need some motivations.

Think - change your thinking , more positive , you can do everything you want if you think you can
Believe - believe in yourself, believe in your skill
Dream - have a vision , you can dream, then only you can get
Speak - speak , action , speak out , no point just dream and do not go for it
I could not help by adding another value - Endure . There will be difficulties along the way and we need to endure and stay within the 4 values and do not give up easily.
To my friend, gambate!