Thursday, 15 March 2007

Good Requirements should be Implementation free.

I noticed that many times when the requirements are communicated to us, it tends to tell us the "solution" or "how it should be implemented", rather than really what are the problems customers want to be solved, what they are facing, and what they are currently doing about them.

Hopefully, the requirement gathering process can be enhanced. Most of the people in the our team are able to come out with solutions (great one!!!) given the problems. This is what we are training ourselves to be - to find great solutions to problems. And this is what we work hard for!!!!!

Implementation free. The requirement states what is required, not how the requirement should be met. A requirement statement should not reflect a design or implementation nor should it describe an operation. However, the treatment of interface requirements is generally an exception. Got from this site -

Just some food for thought!

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