Tuesday, 27 March 2007

My Favourite 4 E's

In his book "Straight from the Guts", Jack Welch, the legendary former CEO of General Electric, had laid out 4 E's that are important to a leader or manager or even employee.

Energy. Leaders with tremendous personal energy.
Energize. Those who energize teams, and don't intimidate them.
Edge. Someone with a competitive edge and a will to win.
Execution. Those leaders who have a track record of getting results

I still haven't finished reading this book actually. :). It got a bit complicated at the end but overall is a very good story. Jack Welch is definitely an exceptional leader, being able to bring drastic changes to a company as big as GE , stopping bureaucracy, and being able to persist in his pursue despite labelled as neurotic. Only few men in this planet can do that. Anyway, it is unfortunate that he cannot maintain his first marriage. I guessed with his hectic schedules (mine is already too hectic considering I only managing less than 20 people), this is the sacrifices that he has to make. (or , maybe it was because he had many outside "affairs" or so I heard from some rumors).

I also have another book called "Winning" from him, but have not have the time to read it yet. Soon ...soon......(small voice) when can I have the time? If only I have 48 hours a day!

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