Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Importance of SMART Monitoring on Data

Today, we have an incident where our customer sent us 20,000 ++ files to our server and this caused the disk space and DB tablespace to be full. This also affected other customers and we used up around 2 manpower to recover the problem.

In fact, only around 200 files are expected from this customer per day. The number reached 20K because of some issues that either happened at customer's system or our software problem.


If our system is SMART enough, it should flag out a warning because 200 vs. 20,000 is HUGE difference - almost 100 times the original numbers.

If we are SMART enough, we should develop the system that is SMART enough the flag out the warning and prevent the headache and the lost of 2 man-days,and lost of focus.

If we are SMART enough, we should also LEARN from this incidents and do something to prevent this.

That's if we are SMART enough. :)

Footnote: Actually, it is not we are not SMART enough, we just do not have the time and energy to do that. But then, we are still not SMART enough to overcome the lack of time and energy to deliver!!

"In the midst on anxiety, she chattered away."

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