Friday, 13 July 2007

Child again

It's good to feel like a child again. That is why small and cute things (see photo below) get a bunch of technical professionals excited enough to gather around to take photos.

Nice gifts.........

This miniature of a cute "monster" and motorbike. The monster and the motorbike did not come together though. Some creative people from our team kinda put them together. The hand back there will show you roughly how big are the miniatures.

More monsters and more bike riding..............

More monsters jumping on the bikes................

Finally, group photo...all are so excited to put their toys together for a group photo.

The "smiling cutie-who-looks-like-fishing" back there belong to me- a nice gift from a friend. :). Cannot resist to include him in the group photo.

A small way of having a little bit of fun at work - by being small little excited kids again!

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