Monday, 2 July 2007

Woman Fertility

What is the chance of me stumbling on news of 2 different technology breakthrough discoveries on woman fertility ( or infertility) in a day?

Answer: 1 in around 200,000 (measuring in hours, considering I started to read at around 5 years old). (No guess on my age, please)

The first test-tube baby created from an egg matured in the laboratory and then frozen has been born in Canada, in a breakthrough offering hope to women with cancer and others unsuited to normal IVF treatment.

More info on the local newspaper, The Star.

On other study, a bizarre hairless rodent living underground in Africa may offer clues about the links between stress and human infertility, scientists said on Monday.

Stressed-out mole-rats become infertile after constant bullying by the colony's "queen", the only female to reproduce. But this infertility is reversible and when the queen dies, a previously non-breeding female quickly takes her place.

Why I am interested in the articles?
1. First and foremost, I am a woman (if you have not already know that)
2. I am a stressed-out woman (proven with hair fall on the rise)
3. I love kids! ( I almost wanted to strangle one of my best friend who said she does not plan to have kids. To her: YOU know who you are. Don't let me strangle you!)

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