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My Idol is my Mentor

I found myself to be a bit dreamy these days. This is because I am behaving like a teenager and started to idolize an actor who suddenly became my favorite after watching one of his drama and also series of his interviews.

While you are wondering why I am blogging about this, I am going to reveal that despite the aimless admiration, I found myself to be truly inspired.

What attracted this idol to me is not just his look (even though he does look cute...LOL), it is about his adoring nature, i.e. a bubbly, enthusiastic, and hugely positive personality that I like most. Despite his usual hectic schedule and lack of sleep, he always seems to appear happy and energetic in front of the camera. And this is contagious and I am in awe.

In retrospect, I found myself to be less enthusiastic. And I gave myself a lot of reasons for this. Hectic work schedule in perpetual firefighting mode, disagreement with boss, pressure to succeed and for people to view me seriously, all give me reasons to be exasperated and dull. Even in the weeks after my resignation, while preparing myself to go to the new job, I was indeed quite worried that I won't be able to handle things in the new environment and cannot live up to people expectation.

And my idol has indirectly mentor me on this. Despite the numerous reason for me to sulk away my day, I can choose to be enthusiastic and show passions and be happy even in very small things.

Despite the conventional thinking that when you feel happy, your brain react and send signal or adrenalin to your body, either to smile or to jump around. The reverse is also true.

If you have a serious face, you have to use 64 muscles on your lips. And if you smile, only 10 of your lips muscle is used. Small effort and you could take an advantage from that.

When you start smiling, your cheek will send messages to your brain. At the same time, happiness hormones spreads and it will stop the production of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenalin. Smile also triggers your immunity system which strengthen your body and produce antobody.

Below are some clips from You Tube about my idol. His name is Bosco Wong. This video is in Cantonese.

More links: (This is from the drama I love)

Suddenly, I am much prepared for my new job. Because I know , no matter how difficult it is , I will always smile and face the situation with enthusiasm and positive energy.

Always give yourself any reason to be happy, no matter how small the reason is!!!!!

Dreaming away...................


VL said…
Desire, the starting point of all achievement.

Desire isn't a hope, isn't a wish. This is a keen, pulsating desire, which transcended everything else. It was definite.

If you have a burning desire to be somewhere, you'll be there.

And I see you there.
autumnmusic said…
haha, reminds me of my friend whose idol is kimi raikkonen... kimi's unexpected championship number one ranking gave my friend encouragement to do wat he has to do :P
Susan said…
hehe..I am a bit embarrassed to go gaga about my idol here. But it is really a great turning point to me.

When you read books about how to be positive and be enthusiastic, you most probably do NOT get the clear pictures, especially those that stick to your head.

When you watch your idol or someone you admire on how they behave (through video or even in person), that picture will be easily imprinted in your mind.
Sometimes, you will start to behave like them unconsciously.

And I got this from my idol - a picture on how I should face the new job, the world or any difficulties.

This is fantastic. Totally love him for that.

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