Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Want to digg something?

Do the buzzwords "Wiki", "Facebook", "Twitter", "RSS", "Digg" resonate with you? If you do not know any of these and you are in IT field, I guess you have to start reading more. :)

These websites have also created some new verbs like Google - while you are googling any of the terms above, someone else is digging an article, your friend is getting "poked" in Facebook (this is where you click a button and a line pops-up on the other person's page saying they've been poked), you wonder "What are people twittering about?". Then, your application is no longer a portal but a mashup and apple is bricking its iPhone. Brick is not even in Wiki encyclopedia yet, it is a term made popular by apple for making iPhone into unusable "brick" if users install unauthorized software.

Above all that, Iphone still has such a cool interface and Apple products always win in usability. See right picture.

Below are 2 videos that explain about Digg:

I think I will not start using Digg, Twitter or Facebook for now. Also trying Friendster but not really keen. But I am totally addicted to RSS & Wiki.

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