Friday, 12 October 2007


Frank Warren started PostSecret in 2004 to create a “place” where people could feel free to share their private hopes, desires and fears. A place where the secrets they could not tell their friends and family would be treated with dignity in a non-judgmental way.

Since then people have sent in one hundred and seventy-five thousand anonymous postcards. They are featured in art galleries, a music video, and Frank’s bestselling books.

Here are some truly touching postcards.

The combination of the picture and the words or phrases are very easily imprinted in our mind.
That is the same reason why I always put pictures in my blog. Some pictures are really motivating or peaceful to look at.

In other cases of PostSecret, the words alone can leave a deep print.

For e.g.
here's my secret: every time some finds out that i lost a child and tries to relate to me by talking about how they lost a grandparent or an older relative, i want to scream.

Some are naughty revelations:

Interview with Frank Warren

Why is PostSecret such a hit? Because despite the hectic and high tech life we have , the world need a little bit more personal touch!

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