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Today, I finally made it to the bank located just about 4 blocks away from my office. After waiting for more than a year after losing my ATM card on a non-active account, it was still not a strong enough reason to push me to go. Until recently when the other account where I banked in monthly allowance for my parents was also frozen, I finally dragged my heavy feet to go there. It was, I think, at least more than 3 weeks after my parents reported to me and after at least more than 2 reminders from them. Finally, I got it all done in less than an hour. Suddenly, I felt much less heavy.

Yes, I am serious procrastinator (way serious!!) and I hate going to bank.

I stumbled upon a site which is showing some data to procrastination. My score is way beyond the chart! Can you believe it? (sigh..i guess if my fellow colleagues (or ex-colleagues or friends) are reading this, I probably imagining them laughing and nodding their head violently).

Ok, here are my embarrassing revelations:

1. It took me usually 30 minutes to 2 hours to wake up. Yes, my alarm clock goes off at around 7 something and I put it to snooze countless times until I wake up at 9 something (or around 10 a.m. lately)

2. Last year, I finished my income tax form AFTER it was due.

Beware, procrastinator (hey, YOU and YOU TOO!)! Don't end up like this (refer to the following picture)

Finally, I get some consolation from this poster! (still can be a leader, right , even though no one knows when tomorrow will come.)

Notes from today's lesson on procrastination:

1. I reported my card lost and got my new card from the same man that gave me the lost ATM card almost 6 or more years ago at the customer service counter. I am pretty sure it was the same man. A thought race through my mind. Since he is doing the same thing 6 years ago, did that mean he was not getting promoted or advancing in his career? On the outlook, I was pretty much the same like 6 years ago (yes, still young and slim - my college clothes still fit me until now). But on career, I was doing different things since 6 years ago although I had much more things to pick up especially on the soft skills.

Maybe he is already very contented, who knows. But I felt like telling him this - finally, I am moving out to a more challenging job and moving out from the same job I have since 6 years ago. I hope I will not see him sitting there next time. I will be happy to see him inside the big room behind the bank counter or maybe in another bank.

Does that mean people procrastinate in finding a better job or better opportunities, but instead prefer to stay in their comfort zone? I know I did. I had no regret in my current job, just that I wished I could come out 1 or 2 years earlier to do other things. But I believe this is the greater plan God has for me.

2. I found that a good way to push you to do the work instead of procrastinating is to shout out to all the people. Then, there is no way you are going to pull back or procrastinate.

For e.g.:

1. I posted "Banking!" on my YM status to remind myself I will definitely go to do banking today.

2. I posted "Gym today" on my YM status last Tuesday, because I have skipped gym for a long time and I have changed to use the gym in my condo. Despite the rain and traffic jam which gave me so many reason to change my mind, but I persisted and made it to the gym at last ! Proud! Clap Clap.

3. I almost told everyone I was going to resign before I even really fully decided. That was like in May. Since then, I gave myself few months to contemplate and cooled down. But I think because I told everyone , it makes me more determined to venture out despite being afraid of not getting better opportunities. Indeed, there are many better opportunities.

4. I posted in my blog and told some people, I wanted to author a book someday. And writing a blog is an important step to it - to promote my writing and practicing my skills. Though, being a author is not a easy feat to achieve given my English is not totally fantastic and I am in Asian country. But, telling people this make it harder for me to give up.

Thus , I will definitely continue blogging! If you are reading this, do help to promote my blog cause I need the larger reader base to move forward. One step at a time.

Way to go today, my dear procrastinator (ME!) !


autumnmusic said…
"I found that a good way to push you to do the work instead of procrastinating is to shout out to all the people. Then, there is no way you are going to pull back or procrastinate."

not necessarily wor... -_-''' *paiseh* m a well known procrastinator and lazy pig among my friends...
Susan said… need to say it with a very firm tone. "I definitely will do it!!"

Anyway, I think another way to look at it is when you are telling other ppl, you are also reminding yourself. So, if you tell more ppl and make your message more open, you are telling and reminding yourself more.

One step at a time, try it with YM first..:). No one actually will check on you, so you only have yourselves to report to.

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