Thursday, 28 June 2007

Great Tip for reading news

If you are not those who buy and read newspaper everyday, here is a great tip for you. It has been working very well for me so far.

Step 1:
Get and install a RSS Feed Reader in your workstation or notebook. One of the software I use is RSSReader.

Step 2:
Access your local newspaper online and subscribe to their feeds. Most major newspaper have online website and also RSS feeds subscription.

Step 3:
Make it a habit to browse through the feeds everyday. Be it local news, world news or business news. OK, I did not subscribe to sport. :)
Sort the feed by published date in descending so the latest published news are at the top.

Read each new titles and only open the articles or news in browser if the news interest you.


I only spend around an hour a day to read the news, but I never miss out any important news.

YOU HAVE TO CONSTANTLY KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING AROUND YOU AND IN THE WORLD. It is important for your self-development and for you to socialize with other people.

Most technical person do not realize the importance of reading news. But it is VERY important. One of my friend who is in financial and loan consultancy told me he has to read the newspaper everyday in the morning because the customers he will be seeing later may mention some of the news and he needs to know.

I have to admit I am a bit shameful to just pick up this habit of constantly reading news recently. I have no luck with newspaper so far. I always leave them untouched or just barely reading few pages. :)

Also, by following this tip, I found that I manage to know much more news than most people. For e.g. I managed to catch some Google news too.

Most people who read newspaper will not read through all the news as it can be a great ordeal to flip through every pages. So, they may miss out some news. But using RSS reader, I can go through every title , but only drill down to those which I want to know more.

For e.g. below is the news title and summary that I can quickly skim through but still be able to know what are going on.

Police solve theft case in less than 24 hours
Police managed to solve a mobile phone robbery in less than 24 hours with the arrest of the “victim”.

Private sector invited to help unearth literary talents
The Education Ministry wants more private sector involvement in the quest for unearthing more literary talents in the country.

Move to weed out bogus docs
Bogus doctors beware. The Health Ministry will have more eyes to weed out the impostors and ensure that they do not cheat the public.

Pay on time to save cash
Credit card holders, who pay their bills on time for 12 consecutive months starting July 1, will be “rewarded” with a lower interest rate.

RSS Reader Screen

You can use RSSReader to subscribe to other feeds too like blogs.

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