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21 Irrefutable Laws of Relationship With Your Spouse. Rule No. 4: Law of Bullying Each Other

All of us are definitely no saints, so I guess, there are times we want to be a little bit cruel and act like a spoiled King or Queen.

I supposed most of us cannot behave like King or Queen in the workplace. If not, we risk being fired by our bosses or receive complaints from our colleagues. So, the best person where we can vent our frustration and madness are usually at our other half. Poor thing. Who say love has to be beautiful all the time?

Anyway, as long as we have fun bullying each other, it will be something exciting that we share in the relationship. Caution is - it has to be two-ways. When it is only one-sided, the relationship will stand a chance of being miserable, at least for the person who always get bullied. It also means, if you always get bullied, try to pick up the game and retaliate.

Do note that physical harm or aggressive behaviors are strictly not what I am talking about here. If your partner ever lay a hand on you so much as to cause you pain or small bruises, dump him/her immediately. Tell your close friends and family so that they can protect you and look out for you. You may even report to the police.

In this case, I think girls have advantages over guy. It seems normal for girl to apply physical pain to the guys. I saw a lot of girls pinching their partners really hard, not me though. My boyfriend is so lucky. LOL. However, it would seem serious if guys apply the same amount of pain to girls. Maybe guys can use a little of tickling, soft poking or just some verbal bullying (red alert on this for some girls).

Here are some examples of the bullying scenario. Please take caution when you try this at home or at anywhere with your spouses. There is no guarantee there will be no adverse effect. Practice extra caution if your spouse is a sensitive person.

Ask your girl friend to pamper you a bit like giving you a ride on the bicycle or driving you to someplace. Who say guys, who are of the stronger sex, always need to do the hard labour or be drivers all the time? Girls can be very much physically strong and independant. When she does agree, do something naughty to give her a hard time. (But make sure she is smart enough to discover what you are doing, else there is not much fun. LOL)

When your boyfriend do something that provoke your nerve, give him some physical hints. But pretend you calm and not really mad at him.

Now, to all the guys, please be smart and take the hints when your girlfriends do this to you. If you do not do anything to win her back or pretend there is nothing wrong, I guarantee you the bullying will get more aggravated. At least, ask what is wrong with her. Or maybe you can start doing the same thing she is doing to you and make it becomes a competition to see who can win this. If you can make her forget what get her mads at the first place and let her win the competition, I think there are large chances that you can sleep soundly during that night.

This is the scenario:
Boyfriend does a cool sport (judo, football, badminton) . Girlfriend start looking at him with admiration until she smells his sweaty body and complain on the smell. This crush the Boyfriend's machoism and for pay back, he pokes his girlfriend a little. Girl complaint he is mean and maybe retaliate a bit. A mixture of verbal and physical bullying can be fun sometimes. But do remember to control the heat.

So, let's try the bullying game. Be naughty and be creative. But if you have any bad consequences after trying out this, please do not track me down to kill me.

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beeai said…
Great :)
Ya.. Am a bully queen most of the time. And i BITE instead of PINCH.. :D

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