Monday, 28 May 2007

Lesson from God: Should Lucifer be forgiven?

Back to my stories on How Good People Turn Evil where I asked 2 questions in I have been doing a lot of thinking on this after the post.

I have no answer to it, but it turned out I can ask one simple question - "Should Lucifer be forgiven?"

Over the time, I think the word "forgive" is used without much forethrought. It is so easy to ask people to forgive you when you have made a mistake. It also easy to just say yes. But, I suddenly felt that the word "forgive" has not lived up to it meaning so far because of misuse of a lot of people. So, I do a check on my favourite online dictionary and here are the relevant meanings:
1. To excuse for a fault or an offense; pardon.
2. To renounce anger or resentment against.

Resentment makes you look ugly.

I sure do not want to feel anger and resentment towards Lucifer and anybody else who have made mistakes. I definitely do not what to feel that in all my lifetime or very long time. Thus, I came to the conclusion that we may try to forgive Lucifer for what he did.

But with a caveat: we shall not try to associate with him or go anywhere near him.

Even though for most of the times, one can do a lot of good or correct things, we cannot suppress the evilness inside some people. When crisis occur or when they are "forced" into a bad situation, their evilness surface. And at that moment when you are with these kind of people, you will most probably get hurt.

Imagine you are stranded on an island with no food with these people. Can you imagine what will happen to you? Yes, you probably saw the movie about the people eating another human being. Yes, they are forced into it and they only want to survive. But, if you have some conscience, will you be able to kill other people just for your own survival? You choose to sacrifice other people because you want to survive?

People like Lucifer may do that, without any deliberation and conscience. Yes, Lucifer is capable of doing good things also. (that's why he was once upon a time an angel. To be more accurate, God's favourite angel). And Lucifer can correct his mistakes also when giving proper feedback and mentoring. But crisis came or in his case, someone better came along, because of his jealousy and fear of losing power, he turned evil.

He made ONE mistake and God expelled him. God punished him because He saw what Lucifer had become. What values he held for so long. Not because the sin he made is his first or last. God did not give him another chance because being in Lucifer's position of wealth and power, his mistake was very dire as he was supposed to be the model of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.

How many of you have someone repeatedly ask for forgiveness and try to convince you their mistakes would be the their last ? How many of those you have forgiven repeat the same mistakes again ?

After expelled by God, Lucifer showed his wicked side more. He developed a foolish, unruly, and defiant stance against God—never repenting nor relenting, even to this very day. His core values had not been able to guide him back to Goodness and he succumbed to evilness.
Beware of people like Lucifer in your life. Not every mistakes are forgivable. Definitely, some mistakes cannot be forgotten.

Do you have your parents, grandparents, relatives that are older and much more matured telling you to be careful when mixing with friends? Asked you not to trust people so easily? They are nagging you because they have met a lot of Lucifer-like people in their life. They have learnt their lessons and they hope you can learn from them. They certainly knew you are naive and not able to expect how evil some people can be.

Above all, God is terribly wise and right. I am sure he did the right thing when he punished Lucifer. So, what is better than learning from God?

Here is my favourite devil picture again.....:)

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