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Love too Late - Great Song, Great Lyric

This is the first time, I post chinese words in my blog. But I really love this meaningful song and lyric. I guess sometimes, people can learn things from song also, not only books, quotes or other blogs.

Leo Ku's Belated Love (愛得太遲)

我過去 那死黨 早晚共對 各也紮職以後沒法暢聚
ngo guo hui / na sei dong / jo maan gung dui / gook ya jat jik yi hau moot fat cheung joi
I used to spend day and night with my best buddies. But after each of us get promoted, we spend less time now .

而終於 相約到 但無言共對 疏淡如水
yi jung yue / xiong yeuk do / dan mo yin gung dui / soh tam yu sui
When we finally meet, we have nothing to say, its as plain as water

日夜做 見爸爸 剛好想呻 卻霎眼看出他多了皺紋
yat yeh jo / kin pa pa / gong hou xiong san / keok saap ngan hon chut ta do liu jao man
Working day and night, met papa, wishing to complain. Never did I realise his wrinkles have increased

而他的蒼老感 是從來未覺 太內疚擔心
yi ta dik chong lo gam / si chong loi mei gok / tai noi gau dam sam
Never realised that dad is aging. Never did I realise that. The guilt worries me

最心痛是 愛得太遲 有些心意 不可等某個日子
jui sam tong si / ngoi dak tai chi / yau se sam yi / bat ho dang mao go yat ji
The thing that hurts most is to love too late. There are certain things that shouldn't wait.

盲目地發奮 忙忙忙其實自私
mang mok dei fat fan / mong mong mong kei sat ji si
Working hard is more due to selfishness

夢中也習慣 有壓力要我得志
mong zhong ya jap gwan / yau ngak lik yiu ngoh dak ji
Even in my dreams i'm used to being pressured to do better

最可怕是 愛需要及時 只差一秒 心聲都已變歷史
jui ho pa si / ngoi sui yiu kap si / zi cha yat miu / sam seng dou yi bin lik si
The scariest thing is, love has to be on time. A missed second and feelings will become history

忙極亦放肆 見我愛見的相知
mong gik yik fong si / kin ngoh oi kin dik xiong ji
To find time in my busy schedule to meet the ones I love

要抱要吻要怎麼也好 偏要推說等下一次
yiu poh yiu man yiu zham moh ya ho / pin yiu tui suet dang ha yat chi
To hold, to kiss, to do whatever, but I always wait till the next time

我也覺 我體質 彷似下降 看了症得到是別要太忙
ngoh ya gok / ngoh tai jat / fong chi ha gong / hon liu jing dak dou si bit yiu tai mong
My body is not as fit as it used to be. After seeing the doctor, I'm told to relax.

而影碟 都掃光 但從來未看 因有事趕
yi ying pin / dou sou guong / dan chong loi mei hon / yan yau si gon
Having bought all the DVDs I haven't watched a single one because I was busy.

日夜做 儲的錢 都應該夠 到聖誕正好講跟我白頭
yat ye jou / chou dik chin / dou ying goi gau / do sing dan jing ho gong gan ngoh bak tau
Working day and night I saved some money. Should be enough to tell her to marry me during Christmas

誰知她開了口 未能挨下去 已恨我很久
sui ji ta hoi liu hau / mei nang ngai ha hui / yi han ngoh han gao
Who knows that she told me first she couldn't stand it any longer. She hated me for quite some time

錯失太易 愛得太遲 我怎想到 她忍不到那日子
choh sat tai yi / ngoi dak tai chi / ngoh zham xiong dou / ta yan bat dou na yat zi
Its too easy to lose when you love too late. How would I have known she couldn't wait till that day

盲目地發奮 忙忙忙從來未知
mang muk dei fat fan / mong mong mong chong loi mei ji
Working blindly fighting for things. Too busy to know or notice thing.

幸福會掠過 再也沒法說鍾意
hang fook wui leuk gwoh / joi ya moot faat suet jong yi
Happiness can pass by me. No chance to say I love you.

愛一個字 也需要及時 只差一秒 心聲都已變歷史
ngoi yat guo ji / ya sui yiu kap si / ji cha yat miu / sam sing dou yi bin lik si
Even though love is only one word, it still has to be on time. Even by missing by one second, feelings can become history

為何未放肆 見我愛見的相知
wai ho mei fong si / kin ngoh oi kin dik xiong ji
Why didn't I make the effort to see the ones I love

要抱要吻要怎麼也好 不要相信一切有下次
yiu po yiu man yiu zham moh yah ho / bat yiu xiong sun yat chai yau ha chi
To hold, to kiss to do whatever. I don't want to believe there's always a next time

相擁我所愛又花幾多秒 這幾秒 能夠做到又有多少
seung yung ngoh suo oi yau fa gei do miu / je gei miu / nang gao jou dou ya yao doh siu
How long will I hold on to my love. How much can I do in those few seconds

未算少 足夠遺憾忘掉
mei suen siu / juk gao wai ham mong diu
Its not too late. Its still enough to feel regret over

多少抱憾 多少過路人 太懂估計 卻不懂愛錫自身
doh siu poh ham / doh siu guo lo yan / tai dong goo gai / keok bat dong ngoi sek ji san
How many regrets? How many passers by? Know too well but do not know how to love oneself

人人在發奮 想起他朝都興奮
yan yan joi fat fan / xiong hei ta chiu do hing fan
Everyone's working hard. Excited by the future.

但今晚未過 你要過也很吸引
dan kam man mei guo / nei yiu guo ya han kap yan
But the night is not over. You can still spend it wonderfully

縱不信運 你不過是人 理想很遠 愛於咫尺卻在等
jung bat sun wan / nei bat guo si yan / lei xiong han yuen / oi yue chi chek kuek joi dang
Even if you don't believe in fate, you're still human. Your goals are afar, love is just here yet you are waiting

來日別操心 趁你有能力開心
loi yat bit cho sam / chan nei yau nang lik hoi sam
Don't worry about the future. While still possible, be happy

世界有太多東西發生 不要等到天上俯瞰
sai gai yau tai doh dong sai fat sang / bat yiu dang doh tin xiong foo ham
There's too many things happening in the world. Don't have to wait till you're looking down from the heavens


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