Thursday, 3 May 2007

We do not need project management, we need leadership!

"We do not need project management, we need leadership!". That is one of the phrase I learnt from during one of the symposium I attended recently.

Leadership is very crucial in a company. But it getting harder to find leadership, especially among senior management. Very few people will really take responsibilities on the failures after failures in the company and keep on promising success is very near. But they never really change the way they work or really innovate. Never really see a way out, but just go on with the same old ways and believing that will lead to success.

It correlated back to what I said in my previous post about Making big adjustment in life.

Few facts about leadership from this article:
Be a Smarter, Faster, Better Leader

Leadership really means willingness to take ownership of something greater than oneself -- for an idea, for your team, for your organization.

Great leaders don't constantly focus on their own personal competitive advantage. Instead, they focus on bettering others, and becoming 'better with' versus 'better than'. It means focusing on the bigger picture -- accomplishing goals as a team or organization, not just as an individual.

Being a good leader also requires having a positive outlook. "Great leaders believe in the possibility of a positive outcome. They are able to step up to a challenge, envision a possible future, and rally people to make that future a reality," Sloan contends. "Great leadership is about having a positive outlook -- as long as you're willing to acknowledge the real. The best leaders I have met are able to see the opportunities in everything, but also to recognize and state facts."

Leaders should get out of their comfort zone to develop new skills and talents. "If you're not making any mistakes, you're not taking any risks. It's important to stretch yourself. Excellence is the goal -- not perfection."

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