Monday, 21 May 2007

Mount KK - The days before we conquered the peak

5 May 2007 - It is such an amazing feeling to look up at the peak from far, when you know you are going to be there, on the top of the world in the next 2 days. And slowly climbing up , one step at a time, each step drawing you nearer to there.

It does look like a heaven up there......

Without the sunray, the top seems so cold and lonely......

I like mountain hiking a lot because hikers always have a very clear target , that is to reach the peak no matter how hard it takes.

Unfortunately, in life, there are always no clear target. You cannot see the peak easily. You do not know how high you need to climb to reach "there". Sometimes, it is like you are climbing a mountain without a peak.

This makes it even more important to enjoy the journey rather than the outcome in life. Stop and enjoy the moment. Take the longer and more beautiful route even though it will be harder and you reach the peak later than a lot of people. I meant this figuratively and literally as I have taken the longer route to Mount KK (using Mesilau Trail) , and I enjoyed every moment of it. Even though a lot of people complained why we chose this route over a shorter and easier one, but I felt otherwise.

The Way of All Flesh by Samuel Butler.
All our lives long,
Every day and every hour
We are engaged in the process of accommodating our changed and unchanged selves
To changed and unchanged surroundings;
Living in fact, is nothing less that this process of accommodation;
When we fail in it a little we are stupid,
When we fail flagrantly we are mad,
When we suspend it temporarily we sleep,
When we give up the attempt altogether we die.

And I am going to suspend all my worries now and sleep. Let's tomorrow be a better day!


tomato_ice said...

great blog! great values of life!!

Susan said...

Thanks a lot, tomato_ice. It's nice to get feedback from people once in a while.

Nice pictures in your blog also!

Do stay tune!

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