Thursday, 3 May 2007

Making Big adjustment in Life

The other day, I went to dinner with my friend. When I got into my car with her and wanted to get out of the parking, I noticed there is a road metal pole behind my car. It was around one meter in distance away.

I adjusted my car to avoid the pole to get out of the parking. I tried several times but was in vain. Being as stubborn as I was, I continued to adjust my car. Each times it just some inches closer to success.

Finally, my friend declared that she was going to go down and move away the pole. I almost wanted to stop her and assured her that I would make it. I was almost there. But, suddenly, I realized I have been fooling myself all along and was totally disillusioned. It would be much easier for her to just get down and remove it. We were wasting our times, trying to adjust and readjust the car to avoid the pole.

Sometimes, success does not come by making small adjustments, trying to improve an inch more.

Success comes with making big leaps, getting out of your comfort zone, facing what is out there.

Success comes with making big adjustments in life.
Not to sit in the car and move your car by inches. Come out of the car and remove the roadblocks. You will find that you can move your car ever so swiftly and fast.

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