Monday, 28 May 2007

Reading & Learning

I am feeling overwhelm these days on how many things I can learn through reading:
- How many books I need to buy and read.
- How many blog posts I need to read.
- How many online magazine or articles I need to read.
- How many different skills I need to brush up - all skillsets in product , people , communication , leadership , writing & presentation & public speaking, management , entrepreneur, creative and innovative thinking.

And the world is so full of knowledges and each day, fantastic people are sharing their experiences and knowledges with us through blogs, articles, interviews and books.

And I really want to learn a great deal, and continue my blog posting to improve myself in writing and also to track what I have learnt.

So, here is the round-up of what are coming up soon on my blog. Would like to take sometimes to absord the materials and do more research and evaluation based on my own experience.

1. Why jerks always rise to the top?

2. The google story

3. The dip: when to quit and when to stick?

Stay tuned!

Will be so good to enjoy an outdoor reading.

Blogging during lunch hours..:)

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