Monday, 25 June 2007

Forgiving? Of course not - Chinese woman breaks silence on sex slavery horror

An article from local newspaper featured a Chinese women who had served as sex slave during WWW 2 for the Japanese.

This harrowing experience has left a deep scar on Zhou's life. She cannot forget, and nor can she forgive.

They (the sex slaves) were repeatedly raped by Japanese soldiers on a daily basis.

"OF COURSE I HATE THEM" , she said.

"If it were you, wouldn't you hate them? Of course I hate them. But after the war, all the Japanese went home. I'm already so old. I think they are all dead by now."

How much can we understand and feel the sufferings the other party has been through when we never experience that before?

No matter how empathized we are, we never will get the 100% hit if we have not been through the same experience. So, try to respect those who cannot or do not want to forgive and forget because not everything can be forgiven or forgotten.

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