Monday, 4 June 2007

Good and Evil

I heard from some people that as ones grow older, they tend to see things in gray, not white and black anymore. They are wiser. Only the young and brash person will see things in white and black. But I beg to differ. Sometimes, seeing things in white and black are not really bad. Maybe because I am still young. Or maybe not.

Seeing in white or black, right or wrong, gives us :
1. The spirit to fight against evil.
2. The spirit to fight for good things.

Do the "wise" people stop fighting against evil because they see things as gray? They let evil things happen to the organization and to the world, let people do evil things because they have done a lot of good things also?

If all the things you see is in gray, wouldn't it be a very solemn sight? I prefer to see things in black, white, all other vibrant colors and also gray, of course. I do agree, there are things which should be in gray, but not all of them.

There are only heaven for the good and hell for the evil. Earth is the only the transition. You can either choose to go to heaven or hell.

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