Monday, 11 June 2007

Life and Death

During my recent misfortune which I labelled "the event which change views on my life and career goal", I begin to open up and view things differently. I told almost all my close friends and family about my distressing experience. Thanks to all of them, I got all kinds of the supports and advices from them. I love u guys!

I had make it through, a changed (hopefully better) person. And, most importantly, I am given a second chance to start things over again. Although, I am still doing almost the same things everyday, but this time, I know what else I can focus and improve on. In long term, I hope to have more skills and knowledge to rely on.

Not all people have second chance. A lost can be gone forever, such as death. It made me feel very small, when I treat my misfortune like a very big thing to me. It is not! Death and physical suffering such as disease, are big things.

Here, I would like to pay tributes to all these great people.

1. Those who had gone through physical sufferings , endured them bravely and later succumbed to their illness.

All these have reminded me again and again to spend time with my loved ones as times can be very limited.

- my paternal cousin brother who died of cancer when I was like in Standard 4. We used to play a lot together and were very close.

- my maternal cousin sister who died of cancer when I was teenager.

- my maternal grandmother, whom everyone dearly loved, who passed away almost like 6 years ago. She had suffered for a long time before she succumbed.

- beloved father of my friend who died last few weeks in Hong Kong.
And also father of my ex-collegemate who died years ago. He recently just got married.

And also father of my ex-colleague who died last year. She is happily married and has a cute daughter.

- beloved mother of my boyfriend's cousins who died of cancer last Friday.

2. And to those who had gone through the lost of loved one with strong outlooks in life.

Instead of showing grief at all turns, they all faced their lost with the serenity that keep people in comfort. They showed me how to be strong myself. And that the unexpected misfortunes that I encountered are nothing close to what they were experiencing, so I should not fuss so much about them.

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